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STEM200 Research (and Design) Courses

Make the most of your semester at Oakton! Take a STEM research course and jump into a “real world” project. Earn up to four independent study credit hours in science, technology, engineering, and math. – and receive a $270 internship stipend funded by the Oakton Educational Foundation if you
(1) Successfully complete the course,
(2) Spend at least 30 hours on the project in the enrolled semester, and
(3) Present your findings at a STEM200 Students Symposium
in spring 2015 on Tue., May 5, 2015 between 3pm to 5pm or Wed., May 6, 2015 between 2:30pm to 5pm in Room 1550 Des Plaines.

Each course is worth two credits and students may enroll in as many as desired. However, no more than four credits may be applied toward an Oakton degree. No more than one $270 internship stipend will be awarded per student per semester. This internship stipend may be taxable if the student is employed on campus or receives a 1099. If the student receives a 1099, he/she is responsible for paying taxes on the earned stipened.

Before enrolling, contact the project mentor to learn more about the topic and frequency of meetings (on campus, online, and off campus). Once you find the best fit, contact Gloria Liu at, 847-635-1738, to obtain an Independent Study Contract to enroll.

If you are a high school student interested in participating in one of these projects, please complete a concurrent enrollment form and receive approval from Student Recruitment & Outreach to enroll.

If you are a scientists, engineers, and researchers interested in serving as a project advisor, please contact Gloria Liu at for more information.

Spring 2015


##### - BIO 200 - 00# – Kalpa Patel, - Establishment of the methodology to prepare tomato roots for mitotic assay followed by mitotic index analysis


12287 - CHM 200 - 002 - Chad Landrie, - Modern Synthetic Methods in Organic Chemistry

Computer Science

11860- INS 200 - 002 - Larry Tomczyk, – The Internet of Everything/Raspberry Pi

11360 - CSC 200 - 002 - Kamilla Murashkina,  – Design an Android App


11332 - ENG 200 - 001 - Helen Skop, - Development of Waste Heat, Water & Emission Recovery Sys for Indst Bakery

11379 - ENG 200 - 003 - Angelo Gero, – A Bite of Robotics

Design, build and test a component of a lunabot in preparation for 2015 NASA Lunabotic Mining Competition.

11448 - ENG 200 - 004 - Amreek Paintal,, - Building a Wind Turbine

12256 - ENG 200 - 005 – Majid Ghadiri, – Design and Build Model Solar House

Contact STEM

Joe Kotowski
Director, Center for Promoting STEM
Professor, Mechanical Design & Mathematics
Room B231, Skokie
Gloria Liu
Coordinator & Co-Director, Center for Promoting STEM
Room 2166, Des Plaines
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