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Writing your Brief Summary and Résumé for CCJobNet.com

Before posting your résumé to CCJobNet.com, Career Services advises creating your résumé and brief summary in a word processing program like Word. We do not suggest creating the résumé and brief summary directly in CCJobNet.com because CCJobNet.com does not have a spelling or grammar checker. Having spelling and grammar mistakes on your résumé will severely damage your chances of being asked to interview.

For tips on creating an effective résumé, pick up a copy of the Résumé Workbook in Career Services.

The "brief summary that highlights your qualifications" that is asked for in CCJobNet.com is different than the summary of qualifications that is talked about in the Career Services' Résumé Workbook. The brief summary in CCJobNet.com is the text that employers view in order to decide whether or not to view the entire résumé. Therefore, the brief summary needs to contain the information that will entice the employer to look at your résumé. Remember the following when writing your brief summary: keep it simple, direct and targeted for the position or industry you are pursuing. No more than 3 sentences!

It is important to recognize that electronic résumés are very different from paper résumés. You can't use any special formatting features like bold, italics, underlining, etc. in an electronic résumé. You can use tabs and spacing to format. Also, electronic résumés need to be saved as plain text, also called ASCII or DOS text.

Here are some easy steps to follow in order to save a document as plain text.

  • First type your résumé into your word processing program.
  • When you are finished, open the "File" menu in your word processing program.
  • Click on "Save As." When you choose the Save As option, you should be able to choose from a variety of formats. If you are using Microsoft Word, use the drop down menu in "Save as type:" to select "Text Only (*.txt)." In WordPerfect, choose "DOS text," which is plain text.
  • Give the document a name in "File name."
  • Save to a diskette by selecting "3 ½ Floppy (A:)" in "Save in:"
  • Click on "Save."
  • Open the "File" menu in your word processing program, click on "Close."
  • After you save your résumé in plain text, make sure to re-open the file to verify that it looks good.
  • Leave the word processing file open.
How to Post to CCJobNet.com
  • Logon to CCJobNet.com.
  • You will find a navigation bar running across the top, click on Post Résumé.
  • Question 1.) asks you to pick up to five occupational areas you are interested in. You must select at least one occupational area. To select more than one occupational area hold down 'Ctrl' or 'Command' & click for multiple selections.
  • Question 2.) requests that you enter a brief summary that highlights your qualifications. Copy your brief summary from the document you created in a word processing program and paste it into the box provided.
  • Question 3.) asks you to paste your résumé. Copy and paste your résumé into the space provided.
  • Question 4.) asks if you want to be notified by email 7 days before your resume will expire, check the box. Résumés stay in CCJobNet.com for 60 days.
  • Question 5.) asks you to click on "Submit" to preview how your résumé will look to employers. Or, click on "Clear" to clear the form and start over.
  • What will appear on the screen is how prospective employers will see your résumé information. If you would like to edit your résumé, click the "Edit Resume" button. After you edit your résumé and are ready to save it, click the "Save Resume" button.
  • When you click the "Save Résumé" button, a messages stating, "Your résumé has been updated successfully" will appear.
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