Our Vision, Mission & Values

We are the community's college.

  • We are dedicated, first, to excellence in teaching and learning. 
  • We challenge our students to experience the hard work and satisfaction of learning that leads to intellectual growth and support them academically, emotionally and socially. 
  • We encourage them to entertain and question ideas, think critically, solve problems and engage with other cultures, with one another and with us. 
  • We expect our students to assume responsibility for their own learning, to exercise leadership and to apply ethical principles in their academic, work and personal lives. 
  • We demand from ourselves and our students tolerance, fairness, responsibility, compassion and integrity.

We are a community of learners.

  • We provide education and training for and throughout a lifetime.
  • We seek to improve and expand the services we offer in support of the people in the communities we serve.
  • We promote a caring community of staff and faculty members, students, administrators and trustees who, in keeping with our values, work together to fulfill our mission.

We are a changing community.

  • We recognize that change is inevitable and that education must be for the future.
  • We respond to change informed by our values and our responsibility to our students and our communities.
  • We challenge our students to be capable global citizens, guided by knowledge and ethical principles, who will shape the future.

   Ratified by the Board of Trustees, October 20, 1998