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The Office of College Advancement is pleased to be recognized for its accomplishments in the field of marketing communications with the following awards. 

NCMPR Paragon
The National Council for Marketing and Public Relations (NCMPR) Paragon Awards salute the outstanding achievement in communications for community, junior and technical college professionals.

2007 Gold
Brochure/ Flyer: Orientation Planner 2007

2005 Silver
Brochure: Start here. Go anywhere in a career (Spanish)
2005 Bronze
Foundation Annual Report 2004

2004 Silver
Magazine: Outlook

2003 Gold
College Promotional Radio Advertisement/PSA, Single: Great Start
2003 Bronze
College Promotional Video: Wild Oakton!

2000 Bronze

College Promotional Video: Reach For Your Future

1999 Gold
Brochure/Flyer: Women's Day '98
1999 Gold
Successful Recruitment Marketing Program: Reach For Your Future
1999 Bronze
Annual Report: 1997 Annual Report

1996 Silver
Best Promotion Campaign - Special Event: Presidential Inauguration
1996 Bronze
Best Postcard: Art Gallery Exhibition

1995 Silver
Best Promotion Campaign: 25th Anniversary
1995 Silver
Outdoor Advertising: 25th Anniversary Banner


NCMPR Medallion
The NCMPR Medallion Awards recognize outstanding achievement in communications for community, junior and technical college professionals at the district level.

2007 Gold
Magazine: Outlook
2007 Gold
Brochure/Flyer: Orientation Planner 2007
2007 Silver
Media Success Story: Sculpture Invasion Media Coverage
2007 Silver
Poster: Studio 3 Poster
2007 Bronze
Foundation Annual Report: 2006 Foundation Annual Report
2007 Bronze
Notes/cards/invitations: Stardust Ball Invitation

2006 Bronze
Annual Report: 2005 President's Report to the Community
2006 Bronze
Postcard: Check out Oakton from any angle.

2005 Gold Brochure: Start here. Go anywhere in a career.
2005 Gold
College Promotional Video: VITA: Transforming Lives, Fulfilling Dreams
2005 Silver
Promotional Campaign: We're spilling the beans. (High School Counselors)
2005 Silver
Magazine: Outlook

2003 Gold
Viewbook: Count On Oakton
2003 Gold
2002 Annual Report
2003 Gold
Promotion Campaign for a Special Event: Dig This!
2003 Silver
Successful Recruitment Marketing Campaign: Count On Oakton
2003 Bronze
Successful Recruitment Marketing Campaign: Fast Track

2001 Gold

Sports Division Brochure: Intercollegiate Athletics
2001 Silver
2000 Annual Report
2001 Silver
Student Schedule

2000 Silver

Promotional Campaign for Special Event: Oakton's 30th Anniversary
2000 Bronze
Video: Reach for Your Future

1999 Gold
Annual Report: 1998 Annual Report
1999 Silver
Media Success Story: Koehnline Gallery

1998 Gold

Video Advertisement: From the Case Files of OCC
1998 Bronze
Brochure/Flyer: Transfer Brochure

1997 Bronze

Class Schedule: Who are the Students Behind the Sweatshirts?
1997 Silver
Class Schedule: Oakton in Dollars It Makes Sense
1997 Silver
Annual Report: 1996 Annual Report

1995 Gold

Brochure/Flyer: Cultures Week at Oakton


Illinois Association of Museums
This award recognizes work of excellent quality that uses available resources well, is creative, and meets professional standards.

2005 Award of Excellence
Koehnline Museum of Art Catalog: Artwalk

The Communicator Awards is a national awards competition founded by communication professionals to recognize excellence in the communication fields of print, audio and video.

2000 Print Award
1999 Annual Report
2000 Award of Distinction
Brochure: All About Oakton
2000 Award of Distinction
Audio Award: I'm on My Way
2000 Award of Distinction
Video Award: Daytimer-Working Adult
2000 Honorable Mention
Direct Mail Campaign: Reach for Your Future


Admissions Marketing Report
Admission Marketing Report (AMR) honors academic institutions for their outstanding achievement in advertising.

2007 Gold
Class Schedules: Evanston Class Schedule
2007 Gold
Newsletter: Pavilion Pulse
2007 Merit
Annual Report: President's Report to the Community

2006 Bronze
What's Cooking at Oakton? (High School Counselors lunch)
2006 Merit Award
Outdoor Transit/Billboard: Check out Oakton from Every Angle

2004 Merit Award
We're Turning Up the Heat (High School Counselor's Lunch)

2003 Gold
Logo/letterhead Design: Dig This!
2003 Gold
Other (Calendars, Special Publications): Outlook
2003 Silver
Television Advertising/Single Spot: Start Here
2003 Silver
Radio Advertising/Single Spot: Great Start
2003 Merit
Outdoor Transit/Billboard: Start Here
2003 Merit
Video/CD-ROM Viewbook: Wild Oakton

2001 Bronze
Class Schedule Fall 2001
2001 Merit
2000 Annual Report

2000 Silver
Imprinted Materials: All About Oakton mousepad
2000 Bronze
Radio Advertising/Single Spot: Your Life is Now
2000 Merit
Imprinted Materials: All About Oakton folder
2000 Merit
Video Viewbook: Reach for Your Future

1999 2nd Place
TV Advertising: From the Case Files of Oakton Community College
1999 3rd Place
Newsletter: Sounds of Service
1999 Merit Award
Imprinted Materials: Reach for Your Future t-shirt
1999 Merit Award
PR Campaign: Reach for Your Future

1998 Merit Award
Newspaper Advertisement: Learn a New Trick

1996 Bronze
Radio Advertising: 30 second single spot: Your Child Will Thank You

1995 Merit Award
Search Piece Choices


APEX Awards for Publication Excellence
An Annual Competition for Writers, Editors, Publications Staff and Business and Nonprofit Communicators

2001 Award of Excellence
Annual Reports, printed four colors: 2000 Annual Report

1997 Award of Excellence
Magazine/News Print Publication (Fall Class Schedule)
In Dollars It Makes Sense


GFOA Government Finance Officers Association
2006 Annual Report Popular Annual Financial Reporting (PAFR)
1999 Annual Report Popular Financial Reporting
1998 Annual Report Popular Financial Reporting
1997 Annual Report Popular Financial Reporting
1996 Annual Report Popular Financial Reporting


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