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Policy on Sexual Assault

It is the intent of this policy to prevent any occurrence of sexual assault at the College and to inform all members of the College community of the procedures to follow if questions or problems arise. Sexual assault is illegal under both state and federal law; the College shall not tolerate sexual assault in any form.
Sexual assault is constituted by:

  1. Physical contact of a sexual nature that is against one's will or without one's consent;
  2. Rape, including acquaintance rape, defined as sexual intercourse that is against one's ill or without one's consent.

In addition to any criminal prosecution that is initiated, the College shall pursue disciplinary action through its own channels when there is reason to believe that the College's regulations against sexual assault have been violated. Thus a member of the College community may be prosecuted by the state and disciplined by the College at the same time, and even if criminal authorities choose not to prosecute, the College may pursue disciplinary action.
Those wishing to file a sexual assault complaint against another member of the College community for violation of this policy should so inform the Vice President for Student Affairs, Director of Human Resources or designated administrator as soon as possible after the incident has occurred. The Vice President for Student Affairs, Director of Human Resources or designated administrator will proceed in accordance with the formal procedures of Policy 1101 (Sexual Harassment). All reports or complaints shall be promptly investigated. Substantiated charges shall result in appropriate corrective action up to and including discharge or expulsion of the offending party. In responding to complaints of sexual assault, rights of due process shall be afforded. At all times, the parties' rights to confidentiality shall be respected and protected. Any person who, in good faith, brims forth a complaint of sexual assault shall not be subject to retaliation.
We are intellectually indebted to: Rice University, University of Richmond, and the University of Florida for the development of this policy.


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