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Logging in to Computers on Campus

Turn on the CPU and monitor.

Computers equipped to run both Windows XP and Windows 7 will initially display the Partition Boot Manager. Use your keyboard's up and down arrows to highlight either Windows XP or Windows 7 then press Enter.

partition boot manager operating system selection screen

Unless instructed otherwise, choose Windows XP.

After a series of messages, the Oakton welcome screen similar to the one to the below should appear.

initial login screen

Press and hold down the CTRL, ALT, and DELETE keys at the same time.

The Novell Client login screen will appear.

login screen, blank

Note: for next steps everything you type should be lower case.

  • Select your proper location context by clicking on the down arrow at the right end of the Location field and clicking on the proper one from the drop-list.
    The location for students is the last digit of each student's Banner ID* followed by ".academic.oakton"
    Example : 9.academic.oakton
    Oakton assigns each student a unique Banner ID that begins with the letter "B" and is followed by 7 digits (B1234567). Banner IDs are found on bills and class rosters. Students may also look up their IDs online
  • Type your login ID in the field next to "Username."  (Again, all characters lowercase.)
    Student login ID's consist of the first letter of the first  name followed by (up to*) the first seven letters of the last name followed by the last four digits of the Banner ID.
    *For last names shorter than 7 letters, just type as many characters as are available.
  • Press <Tab>to get to the next field or use the mouse to left-click in the next field.Type your password in the Password field. (It will show up as asterisks.)

Initial passwords for new users will be one of two possibilities:

Those who applied to Oakton with a paper form should have received a letter with your password; you will need to change this password after logging in to myOakton using the password change icon in the upper right corner.

Those who applied to Oakton using the online form will use the password they created at that time.

login, sample fillled out

  • Click on the OK button.

Your first login

The first time you successfully login at Oakton, a browser window will open. Shown will be the Oakton network account management page and/or a page presenting the rules for using the labs and network. Because you will be responsible for abiding by these rules and policies, please read them through and click on the "I Accept" button. The lab staff will be happy to answer any questions you have about the rules.

Printable login instructions (with additional information about starting programs; PDF)

Help Desk Hours

Des Plaines Campus
Room 1710; 847.635.1965
Monday-Friday, 8 am - 6 pm