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Safety Tips

Oakton offers an exceptionally safe environment for students, employees, and the larger community, and takes pride in its first-class Public Safety Officers and consistently excellent safety record.

At the same time, we encourage all members of the Oakton community to help us keep our crime rates low by taking a few simple precautions. For example:

Remain alert. Pay attention to your surroundings and to the people around you. If you're uncomfortable walking to your car after dark, call Public Safety to be escorted.

Watch your personal belongings. Don't leave them unattended, even for a few moments.

Mark valuables with your driver's license number. For your convenience, Public Safety at either campus will engrave your personal items (Room 1170, Des Plaines, and Room C100, Skokie).

Can't find something? Check the Lost & Found in the Public Safety Office at either campus.

Keep valuables out of sight in your car. When you park your car, put all valuables out of sight-for example, in the trunk-or take them with you.

Report any sexual harassment.

Report suspicious behavior, regardless of how insignificant or harmless the activity may appear.

To report an emergency on campus, call 1888. If you have any questions regarding safety and security issues on campus, please call the non-emergency numbers for Public Safety. At Des Plaines the number is 1880, and at Skokie the number is 1422.