Skokie / RHC Evacuation & Emergency Plan


If evacuation is necessary, Public Safety will assign runners to go to each room and announce the evacuation. Making an announcement over the PA system or sounding the fire alarm should be avoided. Electronic fields generated by these devices could detonate certain types of explosive devices. Radios, pagers, and cell phones also should not be used.

Public Safety and Facilities personnel will direct the evacuation. Public Safety will assist evacuation facilitators to keep the flow orderly and to instruct people to use the nearest exit doors.

Evacuation facilitators will leave the building at the nearest exit when areas are clear of personnel. They will remain with the door supervisors until the “ALL CLEAR” is given. Facilities personnel with radios will be assigned locations to assist and provide communications between door supervisors and the crisis team.


When there is a tornado watch:
  • Public Safety will notify Vice President of Business and Finance, ext. 1876. If he is not available, the Vice President of Student Affairs ext. 1660, Vice President of Academic Affairs, ext. 2604, Vice President for Continuing Education, Training & Workforce Development, and Vice President for Information Technology must be notified.
  • Public Safety will monitor the Illinois State Police LEADS network, public radio or television bulletins, and other emergency weather channels for changes in the storm watch classifications. A Tornado Watch is declared when professional meteorologists determine conditions are such that there is a strong possibility of a tornado occurring in a specific geographical area. A Tornado Warning is declared when a tornado is sighted.
When a tornado watch for an area within 10 miles of the campus is changed to a tornado warning:
  • Public Safety and Facilities personnel will instruct everyone to move to shelters within the building. When a Tornado warning is announced, all evacuation facilitators will report to their assigned areas to direct people to shelter.
  • Designated shelter areas are identified with labels on exterior doors. Maps to shelter areas are clearly marked on the room doors People will be instructed to stay in the shelters until the “ALL CLEAR” is given by Public Safety. Public Safety personnel will conduct a sweep of the building to ensure that everyone is in a safe location.
  • After a room has been checked by Public Safety personnel or a person designated by the crisis team, the lights to that room will be turned off, and the door will be closed.

Bomb Threat

Anyone who receives a bomb threat should call Public Safety Immediately.

The following steps will then be taken:

  • Public Safety personnel will notify the division office manager/RHC, the director of Lifelong Learning Programs and Operations, or the assistant vice president for Educational Service.
  • One of those named above will notify the crisis team. (The crisis team consists of the President, Vice Presidents, Director of College Relations and Marketing, Director of Facilities, and Chief of Public Safety.)
  • Public Safety will notify Facilities and begin a search of the building.
  • The person reporting the bomb threat will fill out the Information Form per the instructions on the cover sheet.

Crisis Team Assessment

Level A: A bomb threat, transmitted by phone, fax, or mail. If nothing is found, Public Safety will wait for the Crisis Team to advise about evacuation.

Level B: An actual device or suspected device is found. Public Safety will notify the Des Plaines Fires and Police Departments and request assistance as determined by the Crisis Team. The Crisis Team members will inform their respective offices, and plans for evacuation will be made.

Final Search

When the evacuation is completed, Public Safety will conduct another sweep of the building to determine if everyone has been evacuated and to make a final search for a bomb. Employees will remain on campus, and faculty also will instruct their students to remain and to return to class when an “ALL CLEAR” is sounded.

After waiting the predetermined time set by the Crisis Team, Public Safety will make another sweep of the building. They will report to the Crisis Team, who will then instruct Public Safety to coordinate the re-occupancy of the building.


In the event of a fire, or if the fire alarm sounds, evacuation of the premises begins immediately.

  • Everyone must leave the building by way of the nearest exit and gather in one of these parking lots: Lincoln Lot, East Lincoln Lot, Mulford Lot, or East Drive between the Lincoln and Mulford Lots.
  • Do not remain in the Circle Drive to the south of the main entrance.
  • Stand away from the building and wait for further instructions.
  • Employees should not leave the property, and faculty should instruct their students to remain on campus grounds.


When the alarm sounds, the following procedures should be followed:

  • Instructors will close room doors and move their students to the exits and out to the parking lots.
  • The Public Safety officer on duty will respond to the alarm panel and locate the source of the alarm.
  • If there are any other Public Safety personnel on duty, they will begin to evacuate the building.
  • The Facilities person on duty will respond to the main entrance and assist with the evacuation or await further instructions from the Public Safety officer.
  • The Public Safety officer will relay alarm location information via radio or other means to the Facilities person on duty. The facilities person will meet fire department personnel.
  • at the main entrance and escort them to the source of the alarm.
  • Do not return to the building when the alarm is silenced. Wait for official word to do so.
  • Do not reset the alarm until the fire department gives permission to do so.
  • When the fire department gives permission to re-enter the building, Public Safety and Facilities will coordinate and check each exit to inform anyone who may still be outside.

Traffic Control

The Skokie Police Department will be contacted for assistance with traffic at the main entrance at Lincoln Avenue and the Mulford Street entrance, or at other locations as warranted.