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Sustainability Center

Oakton is committed to being “green.” From its buildings and grounds to eco-friendly events and "green" management practices, the College demonstrates its responsibility to preserve and protect natural resources and the planet. Sustainable practices and behaviors strive to meet current needs without compromising those of future generations: as the College's 2013-2017 strategic plan, Connecting What Matters, notes, "Green initiatives have made sustainability a priority in a wide range of institutional practices, academic offerings, and in the use of the grounds and internal environment.”

Every day we strive to connect students, staff, and faculty to their roles in the environment, helping them to understand how they can use college campuses as living laboratories, and we continue to look for sustainable alternatives to existing and future processes. Ultimately, Oakton hopes to better prepare its students for careers in education, research, and green technology that will continue to make a difference.

Recent Sustainability Initiatives
Illinois Campus Sustainability Compact
Science and Health Careers Center
Photovoltaic Array
Prairie Restoration Efforts
2014 Waste Stream Study
Near-Zero Waste Events
Outdoor Classrooms
Improving Communications
Sustainability Specialist

Student Profile

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It's no surprise that Jacob Schmidt, Ecology Club president, is passionate about the outdoors.