2007-08 Season

Emerald City Theatre Company presents
James and the Giant Peach 
The entire family will thrill to this adaptation of Roald Dahl's classic tale of childhood imagination and adventure. Follow James Henry Trotter, "the saddest and loneliest boy you could find," on a transoceanic journey that begins when he spills a bag of magic crystals on the ground beneath a barren peach tree owned by his two dreadful aunts. Recommended for students K–6.

Chicago Writers Series
Kevin Coval
Author of Slingshots (a Hip-Hop Poetica), Kevin Coval is co-founder of The Chicago Teen Poetry Festival: Louder Than A Bomb, the world's largest youth poetry competition.

The Lost Music of Victor Neustadtl
Hear the unique music of composer Victor Neustadtl in this premiere concert featuring soprano Amy Zumfelde. A contemporary of the renowned Gustav Mahler, Neustadtl composed an opera, Das Inner Licht, performed in Prague on December 16, 1930, under the legendary conductor Kurt Adler. Although Nazis destroyed the original composition, other works survived, recently discovered in an attic trunk. Thanks to the persistence of his granddaughters, Dodie Weinstein and Frances Gendlin, Neustadtl's compositions—once thought to be lost forever—will make their debut on Oakton's stage.

The Analyst
A Staged Reading
Written and directed by Kate Tillotson
While most people see the glass as half full or half empty, 17-year-old Katharine doesn't think the glass exists. Distraught by the irrationality of life, she turns to her only friends—a hopeless romantic and a ninja—for answers. When they cannot give her what she wants, she decides having a reason to die is better than having no reason to live. An exploration of love, loss and logic, The Analyst fuses hope and despair for glass-shattering results.

Chicago Writers Series
Lisa Buscani 
Former National Poetry Slam champion Lisa Buscani is executive director of the Poetry Center of Chicago. Her poems have appeared in numerous anthologies, including American Poetry: The Next Generation and Spoken Word Revolution.

Oakton Sounds
Anything Goes — Musical Brunch
Enjoy a delectable brunch buffet as vocalist Eileen Berman, accompanist John Cina, and special guests present memorable melodies from the American Songbook, Broadway, and favorite operas.

The Adding Machine
By Elmer Rice
Directed by Mark Fleischer
When his loyal number-crunching skills are rendered redundant by a new device anyone can operate, Zero is callously cut loose from his corporate job of 25 years. Alienated and confused, he murders his boss and—after facing execution for the crime—discovers that nothing really changes in the afterlife. This cult drama candidly presages the dehumanizing effects of a greedy techno-culture.

Child's Play Touring Theatre presents
The Christmas That Almost Wasn't
The magic of Christmas is manifest year after year. For those behind the holiday's special sparkle, however, the planning isn't always easy. This delightful presentation offers a behind-the-scenes look at the hustle and bustle of the season. Don't miss these Christmas catastrophes, written by children and brought to life by Child's Play Touring Theatre. Recommended for all ages.

The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow
By Rolin Jones
Directed by Margaret Knapp
While too afraid to leave her own bedroom, Jenny Marcus remains highly motivated to learn about the Chinese birth mother who gave her up for adoption more than 20 years earlier. Stealing spare parts from her job as a defense sub-contractor for the U.S. Army, Jenny builds a robot doppelganger that in some ways becomes more human than its creator.

Choral Concert
Celebrate the approaching winter solstice with the Oakton Community College Choir, directed by Michael Adamczyk. The choir will perform a program of classical and contemporary works as well as original compositions.

Jazz Invasion
Warm up to sizzlin' jazz standards with the award-winning Oakton Community College Jazz Band. The "art of cool" is further explored by student combos and special guests.

Clearly Classical
The Oakton Guitar Ensemble, under the direction of Michael Adamczyk, presents an afternoon of classical, contemporary and original music. The program features student quartets, trios, duets, and soloists—plus some special guests.

Wee Hairy Beatsties
A kids’ concert that even parents will love, featuring Jon Langford, Sally Timms, and Kelly Hogan. This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.

Jazzin’ Around
The Oakton Community College music faculty presents a playful evening of jazz.

Chicago Writers Series
Idris Goodwin
Award-winning playwright Idris Goodwin performs songs from his eponymous CD and works from City on the Scrape, a collection of poems, and Buckwild, a “hip hop theater mash of the absurd.” Goodwin is a recent recipient of an Illinois Arts Council Ethnic Folk Arts Grant.

Drawing War
A Staged Reading
By Brett Neveu
Directed by Gabriel Wallace 
Christmas was supposed to be a fun day for 13-year-old Chad Udelhoven. The mood changes, however, when the holiday marks the first anniversary of his best friend’s death. In this portrait of a fractured Midwestern family, Chad gets swept up in a road trip fueled by painful memories that lead to a single inevitable destination—the truth.

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Mary Ringstad 
Witches, ghosts, and sinister hallucinations haunt this neo-gothic exposé on the covetous motives—and tragic consequences—of blind ambition. “Fair is foul and foul is fair” in a world where the path to power is paved by deception and cold-blooded murder.

Chicago Writers Series
Achy Obejas
Havana-born Achy Obejas is the author of Days of Awe, a critically-acclaimed novel about the tensions between public and private identities set against the backdrop of the Jewish community in Cuba. She recently published her first collection of poetry, This is What Happened in Our Other Life.

The Glass Menagerie
By Tennessee Williams
Directed by Kimberly Senior 
Drowning in dysfunction and failed expectations, the Wingfield family drifts through a reality as fragile as daughter Laura’s beloved animal collection. Seething with themes of ambition and escape, this claustrophobic narrative serves as a haunting eulogy for the American Dream.

Six Piano Ensemble
Conducted by Glenna Sprague, this unique group astounds with brilliance and precision. These performances feature the World Premiere of “Oakton Toccata,” an original work written for the ensemble by renowned composer Robert Vandall.

How I Became a Pirate
Little landlubbers will get a thrill out of joining Braid Beard’s pirate crew on a fantastic voyage to search for buried treasure. This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.

Clearly Classical
The Oakton Guitar Ensemble, under the direction of Michael Adamczyk, presents an afternoon of classical, contemporary, and original music. The program features student quartets, trios, duets, and soloists—plus surprise guests.

Spring Finale
Jazz takes flight in this musical celebration to welcome summer. Join Carey Polacek, director of the Oakton Jazz Band, and student performers for an evening of swinging standards.

Choral Concert
Celebrate spring’s song with classical, contemporary, and original compositions performed by the Oakton Community College Choir under the direction of Michael Adamczyk.