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Generic Syllabi

Generic Syllabi

A generic syllabus shows the general outline of a course; for the syllabus for specific section of a course, please contact the instructor.

ART 105 Fundamentals of Two-Dimensional Art I

ART 107 Fundamentals of Three-Dimensional Art I

ART 108 Fundamentals of Three-Dimensional Art II

ART 109 Art History: Jewish Art from Antiquity to Modern Israel

ART 110 History of Photography

ART 111 Art History: Prehistoric to Renaissance

ART 112 Art History: Renaissance to Modern

ART 113 Art History: Modern Art (Twentieth Century)

ART 114 Art History: Art of the Non-Western World

ART 115 Beginning Photography

ART 116 Alternative Photographic Processes

ART 117 Digital Photography

ART 118 Photographic Retouching and Finishing

ART 120 Introduction to Museum Studies

ART 125 History of Graphic Design

ART 131 Drawing I

ART 132 Painting I

ART 134 Ceramics I

ART 145 Watercolor I

ART 214 Advanced Experimental Photographic Techniques

ART 215 Color Photography

ART 216 Digital Imaging

ART 217 Advanced Digital Imaging

ART 218 Advanced Black and White Photography

ART 219 Photographic Lighting

ART 220 Advanced Digital Photography

ART 222 View Camera

ART 223 Landscape Photography Field Study

ART 224 Graphic Design I

ART 225 Layout Design and Typography

ART 226 Commerical Digital Photography

ART 227 Medium Format Photography

ART 229 Advanced Studio Lighting

ART 230 Architectural Photography

ART 231 Drawing II

ART 232 Advanced Painting

ART 234 Ceramics II

ART 237 Documentary Photography

ART 240 Museum Studies: Field Experience

ART 243 Life Drawing I

ART 244 Designing Branding and Logos

ART 245 Watercolor II

ART 250 Computer Art

ART 251 Advanced Computer Art

ART 253 Life Drawing II

ART 256 Advanced Graphic Design

ART 257 Advanced Masking and Compositing

ART 259 Web Graphic Page Design

ART 260 3D Animation and Multimedia

ART 261 3D Advanced Animation and Multimedia

ART 262 Multimedia Sound Production

ART 263 Computer Graphics and Video in Multimedia

ART 264 Multimedia Authoring

ART 265 Prepress and Press

ART 266 Computer Graphics Using Macintosh Platform

ART 267 Web Layout Design and Typography

ART 268 Advanced Web Animation & Multimedia I

ART 270 3D Illustration

ART 271 Advanced Multimedia Authoring

ART 272 Portfolio Development

ART 273 Advanced Web Animation and Multimedia II

ART 274 Game Modeling and Character Development

ART 275 Game Systems and Design

ART 277 Color Management

ART 278 The Digital Darkroom

ART 290 Topics in Photography and Graphic Design

Alumni Profile

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Astronomer Ninos Hermis finds his true calling exploring distant planets while at Oakton ... and beyond.



March 25
Registration opens for summer 2015.

March 29
Last day to withdraw with a "W" from 16-week courses; Students will receive a grade in all courses in which they are enrolled after March 29.

April 8
Registration opens for fall 2015 semester.

May 14, 15
Evaluation Days.

May 15
Last day of student attendance.

May 18
First summer 2015 interim classes begin.

May 18
Grading Day.
Faculty on campus and available to students at designated times.

May 19
Faculty grading due.

May 19

May 25
Memorial Day holiday, College closed.

June 8
Summer 2015 eight-week session begins.

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