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Computer Applications for Business Syllabi

A generic syllabus shows the general outline of a course; for the syllabus for specific section of a course, please contact the instructor.

CAB 102 Basic Keyboarding

CAB 104 Skill Building and Formatting

CAB 106 Keyboarding Speed and Accuracy Development

CAB 110 Windows Fundamentals

CAB 125 Word Processing Using Word

CAB 128 Word Application Specialist Certification Preparation

CAB 130 Presentation Software using PowerPoint

CAB 132 Adobe Acrobat PDF

CAB 135 Electronic Spreadsheeting Using Excel

CAB 138 Application Specialist Certification Preparation

CAB 140 Database Applications Using Access

CAB 150 Visio Fundamentals

CAB 160 Desktop Publishing Concepts and Procedures

CAB 165 Desktop Publishing using InDesign

CAB 170 Adobe Dreamweaver

CAB 172 Adobe Photoshop

CAB 175 Adobe Illustrator

CAB 178 Adobe Flash

CAB 180 Administrative Office Management and Professional Development

CAB 182 Introduction to Business Telecommunications

CAB 184 Communication Strategies

CAB 225 Advanced Word Processing and Publishing

CAB 235 Advanced Spreadsheeting Using Excel

CAB 238 Excel Expert Certification Preparation

CAB 251 Computer Applications for Business Internship

CAB 265 Advanced Adobe InDesign

CAB 272 Advanced Adobe Photoshop

CAB 275 Advanced Adobe Illustrator

CAB 281 Software for Graphic Design

CAB 290 Topics in Computer Applications for Business