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Computer Information Systems Syllabi

Computer Information Systems Syllabi

A generic syllabus shows the general outline of a course; for the syllabus for specific section of a course, please contact the instructor.

CIS 090 Computers for New Users

CIS 101 Introduction to Computer Information Systems

CIS 103 Computer Software and Concepts

CIS 111 Fundamentals of the Internet

CIS 113 Introduction to Programming Using Visual Basic .NET

CIS 116 Introduction to the MS-Windows Operating System

CIS 118 Introduction to the LINUX Operating System

CIS 123 Introduction to COBOL Programming

CIS 131 WebPage Development

CIS 132 Cascading Style Sheets

CIS 133 Introduction to Handheld Computers

CIS 143 Introduction to SQL

CIS 145 Database Fundamentals I

CIS 148 Introduction to Database-Driven Web Sites

CIS 152 Web Development Tools

CIS 171 Advanced Web Page Development

CIS 180 Introduction to Visual Basic .NET Programming

CIS 188 Active Server Pages

CIS 201 Information Systems for Business

CIS 203 Managing Information Systems

CIS 204 Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design

CIS 205 Documentation and Technical Writing

CIS 208 Visual Basic for Applications

CIS 209 Database Programming for PCs

CIS 210 Visual Basic .NET Programming for Files and Databases

CIS 211 Java Programming

CIS 213 Advanced Topics in Visual Basic .NET Programming

CIS 214 Web Site Maintenance and Management

CIS 215 Assembly Language for Microcomputers

CIS 218 Advanced Operating Systems Using LINUX

CIS 220 Introduction to C Programming

CIS 222 Java Programming using Files and Databases

CIS 227 C# Programming

CIS 228 LINUX Administration

CIS 230 C++ Programming for Business Applications

CIS 231 Advanced Java Programming

CIS 232 Web Scripting

CIS 236 Project Management

CIS 238 LINUX Network Services Administration

CIS 241 Database Management

CIS 245 Database Fundamentals II

CIS 247 Performance Tuning

CIS 248 Web Database Management

CIS 249 Introduction to ERP Systems

CIS 251 Computer Information Systems Internship

CIS 253 Project Management Certification Preparation

CIS 255 Technology Tools in the Classroom

CIS 257 Apps Programming for Apple Mobile Devices

CIS 258 Apps Programming for Android Mobile Devices

CIS 261 System Configuration Using SAP

CIS 267 Advanced Apps Programming for Apple Mobile Devices

CIS 268 Advanced Apps Programming for Android Mobile Devices

CIS 290 Topics in Computer Information Systems

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February 14
Last day to withdraw from 16-week courses and have course dropped from record*.

February 15
Presidents Day holiday, College closed.

February 16
Last day to change to audit for 16-week courses.

February 28
Incomplete (I) grades from fall 2015 semester for which faculty have not submitted final grades will become an "F" after this date.

March 11
Last day for filing Graduation Petitions.

March 14 -20
Spring Break

March 21
Classes resume after Spring Break.

March 23
Registration opens for summer 2016 semester.

March 27
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April 6
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