Generic Syllabi

A generic syllabus shows the general outline of a course; for the syllabus for specific section of a course, please contact the instructor.

CNS 101 Orientation to IT Professions

CNS 105 Networking Essentials

CNS 107 Internet Protocol Internetworking

CNS 110 Microsoft Windows Desktop Operating System

CNS 111 Microsoft Windows Server Operating System

CNS 114 Microsoft Managing a Windows Server Operating System

CNS 116 Microsoft Implementing and Maintaining Windows Network Infrastructure

CNS 117 Microsoft Planning and Optimizing Windows Network Infrastructure

CNS 120 Microsoft Planning, Implementing and Maintaining Windows Active Directory

CNS 140 Network Infrastructure Essentials

CNS 141 Cisco Introduction to Networks

CNS 142 Cisco Routing and Switching Essentials

CNS 143 Cisco Scaling Networks

CNS 144 Cisco Connecting Networks

CNS 145 CISCO Fundamentals of Wireless Networking

CNS 146 Health Information Networking

CNS 150 Microsoft Windows Desktop Technician

CNS 152 Data Media Infrastructure Fundamentals for IT Professionals

CNS 155 Business Desktop Deployment

CNS 160 Fundamentals of Virtualization Technologies

CNS 170 Principles of Information Security

CNS 171 Hardening Network Security

CNS 172 Network Defense and Countermeasures

CNS 174 Introduction to Computer Forensics

CNS 176 Security+ Certification

CNS 181 Implementing Cisco Network Security

CNS 190 Microsoft Windows Command Line Administration

CNS 195 TCP/IP Packet Analysis

CNS 201 Microsoft Designing a Windows Active Directory Infrastructure

CNS 203 Microsoft Designing Security for Windows Network

CNS 207 Microsoft Installing, Configuring and Administering SQL Server

CNS 209 Microsoft Implementing and Managing Exchange Server

CNS 210 Microsoft Deploying and Managing Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA)

CNS 211 Microsoft Creating and Maintaining Web Server Using IIS

CNS 220 Microsoft Designing a Windows Networking Infrastructure

CNS 228 Linux Administration

CNS 238 Linux Network Services Administration

CNS 251 Internship Experience

CNS 290 Topics in Computer Networking and Systems