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Generic Course Syllabi

Generic Course Syllabi

A generic syllabus shows the general outline of a course; for the syllabus for specific section of a course, please contact the instructor.

ECE 102 Child Growth and Development

ECE 104 Introduction to Early Childhood Education

ECE 105 History and Philosophy of Early Childhood Education

ECE 106 Guidance of the Young Child

ECE 107 Observation and Assessment of the Young Child

ECE 108 Nutrition, Health, and Safety for the Young Child

ECE 125 Play and Creative Expression Expression for the Young Child

ECE 128 Language Development of Young Children

ECE 151 Communicating with Parents & Children

ECE 152 Principles of Child Growth & Development

ECE 153 Guiding Children & Managing the Classroom

ECE 154 Activities & Resources for the Young Child I

ECE 155 Activities & Resources for the Young Child II

ECE 156 Effective Teaching

ECE 157 Introduction to Home-Based Care and Education

ECE 158 Intergenerational Programming

ECE 159 Care for School-Age Children: Theory and Practice

ECE 160 Inclusion in Early Childhood Care and Education

ECE 161 Introduction to Infant and Toddler Care and Education

ECE 165 Home Child Care Provider

ECE 180 The Exceptional Child

ECE 184 Food Service Sanitation for Early Childhood Programs

ECE 215 Infant/Toddler Techniques

ECE 216 Infant/Toddler Programming

ECE 226 Language Arts and Social Studies for the Young Child

ECE 227 Math and Science for the Young Child

ECE 241 Group Dynamics

ECE 242 Multicultural Perspectives in Early Education

ECE 255 Curriculum Design for Early Childhood Programs

ECE 257 Practicum I

ECE 258 Practicum II

ECE 270 Child, Family and Community Relations

ECE 273 Introduction to Early Childhood Administration

ECE 274 Early Childhood Director Practicum

ECE 280 Legal Aspects of Early Childhood Administration

ECE 281 Fiscal Management in Early Childhood Administration

ECE 282 Marketing and Public Relations for the Early Childhood Program Director

ECE 283 Staff Management and Human Relations in Early Childhoodhood Programs

ECE 285 Communications for the Early Childhood Program Director

ECE 290 Topics in Ealry Childhood Education

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January 12
Faculty return for spring 2015 semester.

January 16
Winterim classes end.

January 19
Martin Luther King holiday, College closed.

January 20
Spring 2015 semester classes begin.

January 21
Winterim faculty grading due.

January 26
Last day to submit proof of residency, business service agreements and chargebacks/joint agreements.

February 15
Last day to withdraw from 16-week courses and have course dropped from record.

February 16
Presidents Day holiday, College closed.

February 17
Last day to change to audit for 16-week courses.

March 1
Incomplete (I) grades from fall 2014 semester for which faculty have not submitted final grades will become an "F" after this date.

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