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Generic Course Syllabi

Generic Course Syllabi

A generic syllabus shows the general outline of a course; for the syllabus for specific section of a course, please contact the instructor.

The links below will take you to a web file of a generic syllabus; if you need a Microsoft Word file, please select the link that says Word file.

EGL 071 Academic Reading and Study Skills for the Non-Native Speaker I
(Word file EGL 071)

EGL 072 Academic Reading and Study Skills for the Non-Native Speaker II
(Word file EGL 072)

EGL 073 Academic Reading and Study Skills for the Non-Native Speaker III
(Word file EGL 073)

EGL 074 Academic Writing for the Non-Native Speaker I
(Word file EGL 074)

EGL 075 Academic Writing for the Non-Native Speaker II
(Word file EGL 075)

EGL 076 Academic Writing for the Non-native Speaker III
(Word file EGL 076)

EGL 078 Speaking and Listening for Non-Native Speakers I
(Word file EGL 078)

EGL 079 Pronunciation for the Non-Native Speaker I
(Word file EGL 079)

EGL 081 Speaking and Listening for Non-Native Speakers II
(Word file EGL 081)

EGL 082 Grammar for the Non-Native Speaker
(Word file EGL 082)

EGL 083 Intermediate Grammar For the Non-Native Speaker
(Word file EGL 083)

EGL 088 How to Study
(Word file EGL 088)

EGL 089 Academic Reading and Study Skills for Non-Native Speakers IV
(Word file EGL 089)

EGL 090 Composition for the Non-Native Speaker IV
(Word file EGL 090)

EGL 091 Vocabulary Improvement for ESL Students
(Word file EGL 091)

EGL 092 Reading and Academic Skills Development
(Word file EGL 092)

EGL 093 Reading Strategies for College
(Word file EGL 093)

EGL 094 Reading Improvement
(Word file EGL 094)

EGL 096 Developmental Composition I
(Word file EGL 096)

EGL 097 Developmental Composition II
(Word file EGL 097)

EGL 098 Fundamentals of English Grammar
(Word file EGL 098)

EGL 099 Skills in Written English: Writing Tutorial
(Word file EGL 099)

EGL 101 Composition I
(Word file EGL 101)

EGL 102 Composition II
(Word file EGL 102)

EGL 110 Effective College Reading
(Word file EGL 110)

EGL 111 Introduction to Business and Technical Writing
(Word file EGL 111)

EGL 113 Introduction to Drama
(Word file EGL 113)

EGL 115 Introduction to Fiction
(Word file EGL 115)

EGL 117 Introduction to Poetry
(Word file EGL 117)

EGL 129 Introduction to Literature
(Word file EGL 129)

EGL 201 Introduction to Creative Writing
(Word file EGL 201)

EGL 202 Writing Fiction
(Word file EGL 202)

EGL 203 Writing Poetry
(Word file EGL 203)

EGL 210 Intermediate Expository Writing
(Word file EGL 210)

EGL 211 Writing for the Web
(Word file EGL 211)

EGL 212 Technical Writing Applications
(Word file EGL 212)

EGL 215 Science Fiction
(Word file EGL 215)

EGL 220 Introduction to Mass Communications

(Word file EGL 220)

EGL 221 American Literature I (from the Colonial Period through the Civil War)
(Word file EGL 221)

EGL 222 American Literature II (from the Civil War to the Present)
(Word file EGL 222)

EGL 223 Contemporary American Literature
(Word file EGL 223)

EGL 224 American Ethnic Literature
(Word file EGL 224)

EGL 225 Women and Literature
(Word file EGL 225)

EGL 226 African-American Literature
(Word file EGL 226)

EGL 227 Introduction to Native American Literature
(Word file EGL 227)

EGL 228 Gender Identity and Literature
(Word file EGL 228)

EGL 229 [National/Regional] Literature in Translation
(Word file EGL 229)

EGL 230 Non-Western Literature in English
(Word file EGL 230)

EGL 231 British Literature I (from the Anglo-Saxons to 1800)
(Word file EGL 231)

EGL 232 British Literature II (from 1800 to the present)
(Word file EGL 232)

EGL 234 Introduction to Shakespeare
(Word file EGL 234)

EGL 235 Studies in Shakespeare
(Word file EGL 235)

EGL 241 Masterpieces of Western Literature I
(Word file EGL 241)

EGL 242 Masterpieces of Western Literature II
(Word file EGL 242)

EGL 260 Introduction to Linguistics
(Word file EGL 260)

EGL 261 Theories in Teaching English As a Second Language (TESOL)
(Word file EGL 261)

EGL 262 Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL)
(Word file EGL 262)

EGL 290 Topics in Literature
(Word file EGL 290)

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