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Faculty Biography - Tiffany Traylor

Faculty Biography - Tiffany Traylor

Tiffany Traylor

Tiffany Traylor


B.A. University of Michigan-Dearborn
M.A. Northeastern Illinois University

Ph.D. Union Institute and University

Room 2430 Des Plaines

Personal Statement

"I came to theory because I was hurting— the pain within me was so intense that I could not go on living. I came to theory desperate, wanting to comprehend— to grasp what was happening around and within me" – bell hooks

Similar to bell hooks, I was drawn to theory, to education, to philosophy specifically because of a need to understand the human condition. I began my early career as a counselor working with lgbtq homeless youth and had the opportunity to share space with some of the most amazingly inspirational young people I have ever met. As a counselor I was attempting to fix the human condition however I realized that I cannot fix what I don’t fully understand and thus like many philosophers began my quest for knowledge.

As a person I have a strong commitment to social justice, young people, and let’s not forget Macaroni and Cheese. As a Scholar I have an affinity towards research related to African American Philosophers and African American literature. As a professor passion is my pedagogy of choice. I see education in all forms as an act of love. I whole heartedly believe that each class session is an opportunity to engage and challenge learners to think more deeply about how what they are learning fits into how they are living. It may be a long shot but I imagine young people sitting around after my classes talking excitedly about Socrates, Frantz Fanon, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Patricia Hill Collins as they would the latest reality t.v. show or the newest iphone App. In short my goal is to teach philosophy and literature in a way that does not replace everyday conversations but adds to them. My teaching mantra: Everything I teach turns to Awesome, so let me teach you!!

Alumni Profile

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Oakton holds a special place for John Nebl, a police officer who took classes at the College during the 1980s. Not only did he find his vocation, he also found his wife.



October 5
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November 19
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