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Choosing the Right Humanities and Philosophy Classes

Choosing the Right Humanities and Philosophy Classes

Are you ready to take a philosophy or humanities class?

All of our classes require college-level reading and writing skills, so we recommend that students place into English 101 before registering for our classes.

How can you find out more about particular classes?

Consult our department's current schedule(s) on this site. A schedule offers more detailed information about our classes than is found on Oakton's general site. In particular, you can click on instructor's names, read brief biographies, and get instructor's emails. Most instructors will be happy to send you copies of past syllabi and to answer other questions.

Are there pre-requisites?

None of our classes have prerequisites. It is not the case that 200-level classes are more difficult than 100-level classes. You will do best in a class that interests you. Many students believe that they must take HUM 120 before they can take HUM 121. This isn't true!

There are no majors in Oakton's transfer classes. What can help you link your classes together, help you meet students with similiar interests, and also improve your transcript?

We highly recommend that you consider completing one of Oakton's concentrations: Global Studies, Women's and Gender Studies, Peace and Justice Studies, Great Books, or Honors. There are humanities and philosophy classes that give you credit for each of these concentrations. When you complete one of these concentrations, it appears on your transcript.

Should you take an online class?

Our online classes all require consistent participation several times a week. Students move through the class together rather than at a self-chosen pace. The students who do best in online classes are students who are highly motivated and who have unusual levels of self-discipline.

Is it possible to earn both global studies credit and humanities credit with one class?

Yes! You can do this by enrolling in World Music, Asian Humanities, World Mythologies, World Religions, or Asian Philosophy.

Which classes satisfy the general humanities requirement?

HUM 120, 121, 122, 127, 140, 142, 210, and 220 as well as PHL 105, 106, 205, 215, 230, 231, 240, and 245.

Which classes satisfy the humanities fine arts requirement?

Humanities 120, 121, 122, 123, 125, 131, 142, 160, 165, 220, 242, and 260 all satisfy this requirement.

What if your main interest is in science and math? Are there appropriate classes to take?

You may want to take philosophy classes - definitely including Logic. For the fine arts humanities requirement, you may want to take classes such as HUM 120 or HUM 121 that look a little at the history of science and math. For example, do you know who developed the quadratic equation? (You may want to find out what instructors have this particular interest.)

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April 6
Registration opens for fall 2016 semester.

May 12, 13
Evaluation Days.

May 13
Last day of student attendance.

May 16
First summer 2016 interim classes begin.

May 16
Grading Day
Faculty on campus and available to students at designated times.

May 17
Faculty grading due.

May 17

May 30
Memorial Day holiday, College closed.

June 6
Summer 2016 eight-week session classes begin.

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