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ARC110 - Basic Architectural Drawing
(offered fall semester only)Course covers the basic techniques and principles of architectural drafting applicable to construction documents. Content includes drawing plans, sections, elevations, and isometrics of an existing classroom space and a wood house.Recommended: Concurrent enrollment in ARC 131.
5 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 6)
Fee: $35

ARC116 - CAD-Basic Application for Architects
Course introduces computer-aided design with emphasis on architectural applications. Content includes computer use to draw and plot architecturalplans, elevations, and three-dimensional views. Prerequisite: ARC 110 or consent of instructor. Computer knowledge not required.
3 Credit Hours (lecture: 2; lab: 2)
Fee: $75

ARC117 - Computer Aided Design Intermediate Applications
Course provides an in-depth treatment of architectural design on the computer. Content includes CAD standards such as layers, detail libraries, drawing directories, architectural symbols, furniture and fixture insertion andcustom menus. Prerequisite: ARC 116.
4 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 2)
Fee: $85

ARC120 - Architectural Drafting
(offered spring semester only)Course continues the study of architectural drafting techniques. Content includes drawing a complete set of plans, building sections, elevations, diagrams, and schedules for masonry townhouses, and a small commercial steel framestructure. Prerequisite: ARC 110.
5 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 6)
Fee: $35

ARC131 - Detailing & Construction I
(offered fall semester only)Course concentrates on the basic principles of construction detailing. Content includes study of typical architectural detailing and construction techniques for wood, masonry, and interior construction. Recommended: Concurrent enrollment in ARC 110.
4 Credit Hours (lecture: 2; lab: 4)
Fee: $25

ARC132 - Detailing & Construction II
(offered spring semester only)Course concentrates on producing a complete set of architectural and structural details for a masonry and a steel frame building. Prerequisite:ARC 131.
4 Credit Hours (lecture: 2; lab: 4)
Fee: $25

ARC171 - Architectural Design I
(offered fall semester only)Course introduces basic fundamentals of architectural design. Content focus is onproportion, relationship of masses, figure, ground, shades, color and symmetry; orthographic projections and free hand drawing emphasized as tools to creative design. Prerequisite: ARC 110 to be taken prior to or concurrently with ARC 171or consent of instructor.
5 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 6)
Fee: $30

ARC172 - Architectural Design II
(offered spring semester only)Course continues ARC 171, with emphasis on the physical properties of architectural design. Content includes information and the relationships of “spaces” and specific program requirements governing the creation of these spaces. Prerequisite: ARC 171.
5 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 6)
Fee: $30

ARC180 - Basic Architectural Rendering
Course introduces architectural rendering as a part of architectural project presentation. Content is on the ability to develop one and two point perspective techniques for interior and exterior renderings enhanced by color; pencil, coloredpencil, and colored markers used as the media for the final renderings. Prerequisite: ARC 110 or consent of department chair.
3 Credit Hours (lecture: 2; lab: 2)
Fee: $10

ARC212 - Construction Cost Estimating
Course concentrates on principles and practices involved in construction cost estimation. Content includes quantity take-offs and cost estimating in a residential or small commercial building construction. Recommended: Working knowledge ofconstruction blueprint reading.
3 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 0)
Fee: $10

ARC216 - Building Codes and Zoning
Course examines Chicago’s and/or other major building codes. Content includes effect of codes and zoning on the design and construction of a building; zoning ordinances for Chicago and/or the suburban communities. Recommended: Onesemester of architectural drawing prior to taking this course.
3 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 0)

ARC218 - Computer Aided Design Advanced Applications
Course provides in-depth exposure to advanced, three-dimensional representations of architectural forms. Content includes “constructing” buildingswithin the computer through the use of sophisticated CAD commands. Variety of post-processing programs used to enhance these images to produce a series of full-color rendered drawings. Prerequisite: ARC 117.
4 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 2)
Fee: $105

ARC220 - CAD Introduction to Building Systems - Revit
Revit enables students to create full 3D architectural project models and place them in working drawings. The class focuses on the basic tools that the majority of users will need to work with. Topics include creating floor plans, adding views,adding various building components, and creating sheets for plotting. Credit cannot be received in both ARC 220 and CAD 220.
4 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 2)
Fee: $75

ARC226 - BIM Content Development and Customization - Revit
Course enables students to create building model content, customize program parameters and manage input and output of Revit Architecture data. A best practice approach towards developing BIM content is emphasized.Recommended: ARC 224 or consent of instructor
4 Credit Hours (lecture: 3; lab: 2)
Fee: $75

ARC290 - Topics in Architecture and Construction
Course offered to advanced students and practitioners within the construction industry. Content addresses specialized topics and timely issues of concern to architects, contractors, construction manages, developers and owners. May berepeated up to three times for up to six credits. Prerequisite may vary by topic. Fee varies
1-4 Credit Hours (lecture: 1-4; lab: 1-4)

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