Distance & Online Learning

Distance & Online Learning

Oakton Community College offers many distance learning courses for students who choose to pursue their education independently and efficiently.  This is an excellent option for students with family, job or travel obligations, or with other scheduling conflicts. Students enjoy the flexibility of accessing their courses each week and completing assignments at times and places of their choosing. 

Students may obtain all of their general education requirements, and earn an Associate in Arts degree and several certificates from Oakton with distance learning courses.

Some online courses have on-campus requirements. For example, biology requires on-campus labs, and speech requires on-campus presentations.  Several courses also require on-campus testing (see below). On-campus requirements, if present, are listed in the course schedule. If you have any questions, please check with the instructor.

Additionally, some courses may be used in preparation for state-licensed professions. Many of those are regulated by the individual states and Oakton has no way of certifying the complete applicability of these for any state outside of Illinois. Information about licensed occupations is gathered in each state by Labor Market Information units under a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor. Visit careeronestop for information.

If you have a complaint or feedback, please refer to our Student Right to Know page for a complete list of resources.  If you are a permanent resident of another state and are covered by our interstate agreements with their regulating bodies, and have a concern that has not otherwise been properly addressed, you may file a complaint with the state in which you reside. See the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (SHEEO) for a list of state agencies with contact information.

The ideal candidate for a positive distance learning experience is self-motivated, organized and disciplined. Distance learning courses are as rigorous and time-consuming as those taught in a classroom setting.

The Online Assessment System for Internet Students (OASIS) are two 5 – 10 minute online assessment tools that evaluate study skills and/or learning styles and provides tips for making the most of your online course based on the evaluation. To take one or both surveys, click on the OASIS link, and then choose to explore either your "Study Skills" or "Learning Styles". There is no charge to take the surveys.

Although most of Oakton's courses are entirely online, approximately half of Oakton’s online courses, including all online math and language courses, require testing in a proctored setting, either in the Testing Center on either campus, in the testing center of a local college or university, or via Oakton's virtual proctoring service, ProctorU.  Effective with the Spring 2016 term, all off-campus proctoring fees are the responsibility of the student.

Students requiring out-of-district testing must read the Guidelines for Testing Off Campus, and submit a Test Proctoring Request form as soon as possible at the beginning of each term to initiate the process.

Those testing on campus do not need to make any special arrangements, and do not need an appointment.  Students simply come to the Testing Center prior to whatever deadlines the instructor has provided.

All students taking online courses are assessed a $50/course online technology fee.

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