Mathematics & Technologies

Chairs, Coordinators and Full-time Faculty

Abdallah, Ragaa
Associate Professor, Computer Technology and Information Systems
Office: 2809 Des Plaines
Phone: 847.635.1721
Email: rabdalla@oakton.edu

Antonopoulos, Maria
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Office: 2160 Des Plaines
Phone: 847.376.7283
Email: mantonop@oakton.edu

Boisvert, Paul
Professor, Mathematics
Office: 2554 Des Plaines
Phone: 847.635.1935
Email: pboisver@oakton.edu

Borha, Mario
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Office: 2706 Des Plaines
Phone: 847.635.1654
Email: mborha@oakton.edu

Canfield, Jinhee
Professor, Mathematics
Office: 2524 Des Plaines
Phone: 847.376.7134
Email: jcanfiel@oakton.edu

Cedrina, Olga
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Office: 2164 Des Plaines
Phone: 847.376.7282
Email: ocedrina@oakton.edu

Cirone, Joe
Chair, Mechanical Design/CAD Programs and Manufacturing Technology
Professor, Mechanical Design, Computer-Aided Design
Office: P131 Skokie
Phone: 847.376.7612
Email: jcirone@oakton.edu

Dai, Reza
Chair, Computer Networking and Systems (Cisco)
Professor, Electronics, Local Area Networks, and Mathematics
Office: P111 Skokie
Phone: 847.376.7778
Email: rdai@oakton.edu

Farquhar, Michael
Professor, Mathematics
Office: 2116 Des Plaines
Phone: 847.376.7085
Email: mfarquha@oakton.edu

Gallagher, Edward
Coordinator, Computer Networking Systems (Microsoft)
Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics and Technologies
Office: B206 Skokie
Phone:  847.635.1435
Email: egallagh@oakton.edu

Ghadiri, Majid
Chair, Electronic and Computer Technologies
Professor, Electronics/LAN
Office: P110 Skokie
Phone: 847.376.7699
Email: mghadiri@oakton.edu

Gronseth, Doris
Coordinator, Computer Applications for Business
Professor, Computer Technologies, Information Systems and Business
Office: 2717 Des Plaines
Phone: 847.376.7055
Email: dgronset@oakton.edu

Hamed, Safa
Associate Professor, Mathematics
Office: 2719 Des Plaines
Phone: 847.635.1898
Email: shamed@oakton.edu

Kotowski, Joe
Chair, Engineering
Professor, Mechanical Design and Mathematics
Office: B231 Skokie
Phone: 847.635.1268
Email: koto@oakton.edu

McClarren, Gordon
Professor, Mathematics
Office: 2530 Des Plaines
Phone: 847.376.7082
Email: gmcclarr@oakton.edu

Peat, Michael
Chair, Automotive Technology, and Automotive Service Technology
Associate Professor, Automotive Technologies
Office: 1852 Des Plaines
Phone: 847.635.1906
Email:  mpeat@oakton.edu

Pellegrino, Mary Ann
Professor, Computer Technologies and Information Systems
Office: B229 Skokie
Phone: 847.635.1468
Email: mapell@oakton.edu

Penar, Larry
Chair, Facilities Management; Facilities Engineering; Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration
Professor, Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technologies
Office: 1847 Des Plaines
Phone: 847.635.1955
Email: lpenar@oakton.edu

Reznick, Michele
Coordinator, Computer Information Systems
Professor, Computer Technologies & Information Systems
Office: 2618 Des Plaines
Phone: 847.635.1904
Email: mreznick@oakton.edu

Roach, Andrew
Professor, Mathematics
Office: 2530 Des Plaines
Phone:  847.376.7069
Email: aroach@oakton.edu

Saunders, Christopher
Associate Professor, Mathematics
Office: 2712 Des Plaines
Phone:  847.376.7011
Email: csaunder@oakton.edu

Schawel, Cary
Professor, Student Development and Psychology
Office: 2614 Des Plaines
Phone: 847.635.1988
Email: carys@oakton.edu

Shapero, Carole
Professor, Mathematics
Office: B214 Skokie
Phone: 847.635.1459
Email: cshapero@oakton.edu

Shotsberger, Julie
Professor, Mathematics
Office: 3610 Des Plaines
Phone: 847.376.7214
Email: jshotsbe@oakton.edu

Sompolski, Robert
Dean, Mathematics and Technology
Professor, Computer Science and Mathematics
Office: 2180 Des Plaines
Phone: 847.635.1690
Email: somplski@oakton.edu

Strehler, Jennifer
Professor, Mathematics
Office: 2741 Des Plaines
Phone: 847.376.7071
Email: strehler@oakton.edu

Stryker, John
Chair, Computer Technologies and Information Systems
Distinguished Professor of Computer Technologies and Information Systems
Office: 2608 Des Plaines
Phone: 847.635.1969
Email: jstryker@oakton.edu

Temesvari, Ivan
Coordinator, Computer Science
Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science
Office: 2224 Des Plaines
Phone: 847.376.7065
Email: itemisva@oakton.edu

Young, Bradley
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Office: 2164 Des Plaines
Phone: 847.376.7181
Email: byoung@oakton.edu

Zak, Dorota
Associate Professor, Mathematics
Office: 2712 Des Plaines
Phone: 847.635.1961
Email: dzak@oakton.edu

Zapal, Boguslaw
Coordinator, Manufacturing, Mechanical Design/CAD Programs
Assistant Professor of Manufacturing
Office: P135 Skokie
Phone: 847.376.7707
Email: bzapal@oakton.edu