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Science & Health Careers

Department Chairs, Coordinators and Full-time Faculty

Biological Sciences

Chair – Ruth Williams, Associate Professor of Biology

Susan Anderson, Professor of Biology

Maureen Carney, Professor of Biology

Thomas Firak, Professor of Biology

Cecelia Hutchcraft, Professor of Biology

Nicole Perry, Associate Professor of Biology

Carol Ward, Professor of Biology

Paul Gulezian, Assistant Professor of Biology

Bill Strond, Professor of Biology

Kalpa Patel, Associate Professor of Biology

Kristi Zenchak, Professor of Biology

Physical Sciences

Chair – John Carzoli, Professor of Physics

Coordinator - Gary Mines, Professor of Chemistry

Thomas Brehman, Professor of Earth Science/Physical Geography

Jennifer Cumpston, Assistant Professor of Earth Science/Physical Geography

Theodore Gotis, Associate Professor of Physics

Elizabeth Kershisnik, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Zoran Miodragovic, Professor of Chemistry

Melodie Graber, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Chad Landrie, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Physical Education

Chair – Michael Graves, Associate Professor of Physical Education

Basic Nurse Assistant Training

Chair – Donna Dickson, Assistant Professor of Basic Nurse Assistant Training

Bincy Reginold, Assistant Professor or BNAT

Sheila Zabin, Assistant Professor of BNAT

Jhosa Pagulayan

Health Information Technology

Chair – Victoria Fils, Professor of Health Information Technology

Sherry DeMonte, Associate Professor of Health Information Technology

Judy Ferraro, Associate Professor of Health Information Technology

Medical Laboratory Technology
(includes Phlebotomy and Pharmacy Technician)

Chair – Lynne Steele, Professor of Medical Laboratory Technology

Nancy Heldt, Professor of Medical Laboratory Technology


Chair – Margaret Gas, Professor of Nursing

Coordinator - Ciaran O'Sullivan, Professor of Nursing

Christine Feighery, Professor of Nursing

Carla Ferguson, Associate Professor of Nursing

Mary Kakenmaster, Associate Professor of Nursing

Dawn Kuerschner, Associate Professor of Nursing

Denise Top Rhine, Professor of Nursing

Ginny Rogers, Professor of Nursing

Leandro Resurreccion, Associate Professor of Nursing

Cris Sabio, Associate Professor of Nursing

Winnie Sitt, Associate Professor of Nursing

Donna Talty, Professor of Nursing

Laura Thelen, Associate Professor of Nursing

Physical Therapist Assistant

Chair – Mary DeNotto, Professor of Physical Therapist Assistant

Mary Ann Nedorost, Associate Professor of Physical Therapist Assistant

Luanne Olson, Professor of Physical Therapist Assistant

Faculty Profile

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While Merilee Waters made the transition from history teacher to lawyer on a dare, teaching will always be in her blood.