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Current Offerings

Current Offerings

Great Books Spring 2015


EGL 102 0G1 - Composition II (10658)*
MW Des Plaines 2527
Instructor: Jane Lucas

EGL 102 G19 -Non-Native Speakers Composition II (10117)*
TR Skokie C212
Instructor: Deborah Albano

EGL 113 0G1 - Intro to Drama  (11452)*
R  Des Plaines 2834
Instructor: Joseph Page

EGL 115 0G1 - Intro to Fiction (10525)*
MW Skokie C212
Instructor: Deborah Albano

EGL 115 0G2 - Intro to Fiction (10428)*
MW Des Plaines 2848
Instructor: Brian Ogrodowski

EGL 117 0G1 - Intro to Poetry (11708)*
TR Skokie C120
Instructor: Daniel Godston

EGL 117 0G2 - Intro to Poetry (11707)*
MW Des Plaines 2537
Instructor: Brent Mix

EGL 129 0G1 Introduction to Literature (10574)*
TR Des Plaines 2848
Instructor: Andrew Kelley

EGL 129 0G2 Introduction to Literature (11072)*
TR Skokie C211
Instructor: Michael Mauritzen

EGL 225 G50 Women and Literature: Latin American Women Writers (12198)*
W Des Plaines 2549
Instructor: Marguerite Solari

EGL 230 0G1 Non-Western Literature in English (11732)*
MW Des Plaines 2153
Instructor: Donovan Braud

EGL 232 0G1 British Literature II (from 1800 to the Present) (12202)*
TR Des Plaines 2527
Instructor: Helen Ward Page

EGL 235 0G1 Studies in Shakespeare (12228)*
MW Des Plaines 2549
Instructor: Donovan Braud


HUM 127 0G1 Introduction to Philosophy (10180)*
TR Des Plaines 2834
Instructor: TBA

HUM 127 0G2 Introduction to Philosophy (10008)*
TR Des Plaines 2549
Instructor: TBA

HUM 127 0G3 Introduction to Philosophy (11462)*
MW Des Plaines 1457
Instructor: TBA

HUM 127 0G4 Introduction to Philosophy (10713)*
TR Skokie C211
Instructor: Matthew Klinsky

HUM 127 0G5 Introduction to Philosophy (10047)*
MW Skokie C211
Instructor: Vincent Samar

HUM 127 0G6 Introduction to Philosophy (10161)*
MW Des Plaines 2848
Instructor: Edward Mogul

HUM 127 G52 Introduction to Philosophy (11175)*
R Skokie P250
Instructor: Jonathan Benson

HUM 127 GW1 Introduction to Philosophy (11717)*
S Skokie C231
Instructor: Thomas Young

HUM 142 0G4 Women and Creativity (12144)*
TR Des Plaines 2609
Instructor: Kathleen Carot


PHL 106 0G1 Ethics (10557)*
MW Des Plaines 3619
Instructor: Peter Hudis

PHL 106 0G2 Ethics (10698)*
MW Des Plaines
Instructor: TBA

PHL 106 0G3 Ethics (10045)*
TR Des Plaines 2545
Instructor: TBA

PHL 106 0G4 Ethics (10544)*
TR Skokie C211
Instructor: Carlos Briones

PHL 106 0G5 Ethics (10604)*
TR Des Plaines 3619
Instructor: Eduardo Frajman

PHL 106 0G6 Ethics (11142)*
MW Des Plaines 2547
Instructor: Eduardo Frajman

PHL 106 0G7 Ethics (10385)*
MW Skokie B203
Instructor: Vincent Samar

PHL 106 WG1 Ethics (11070)*
MTWR Des Plaines 3615
Instructor: TBA

PHL 205 0G3 World Religions (11290)*
MW Skokie C211
Instructor: TBA

PHL 230 0G1 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (11685)*
MW Des Plaines 2113
Instructor: Syed Mohamed Mehdi

PHL 231 0G1 Modern and Contemporary Philosophy (10603)*
TR Des Plaines 2609
Instructor: Peter Hudis

PHL 245 0G1 Foundational Religious Texts (12143)*
MW Skokie C140
Instructor: Herbert Bronstein

PHL 245 0G2 Foundational Religious Texts (12132)*
TR Des Plaines 2812
Instructor: Mark Samberg

*Course reference number, required for registration.

For more information, contact Associate Professor of English, Donovan Braud at 847.376.7026 or

Alumni Profile

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As a student with a keen interest in the environment, Alan Kroeger has helped reshape the Oakton landscape - literally.



August 17
Faculty return for fall 2015 semester.

August 21
Second summer interim classes end.

August 24
Fall 2015 semester classes begin.

August 25
Second summer interim faculty grading due.

August 31
Last day to submit proof of residency, business service agreements and chargebacks/joint agreements.

September 7
Labor Day holiday. College closed.

September 20
Last day to withdraw from 16-week courses and have course dropped from record.

September 21
Last day to change to audit for 16-week courses.

October 4
Incomplete (I) grades from summer 2015 semester for which faculty have not submitted final grades will become an "F" after this date.

October 9
Last day for filing Graduation Petitions.

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