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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Honors program for me?

Honors at Oakton is a great choice for students who are academically talented and eager to learn. If you enjoy intellectual challenges, thrive in a community of people who share your values, and love to talk about ideas, then the Honors Program at Oakton just might be for you. For more information about admission requirements, check How to Apply

What's the difference between an Honors course and a regular course?

Honors courses are more challenging and rigorous than their counterparts in the regular course listings. In addition to covering more material, Honors classes ask you to think more deeply about the topic at hand. 

How many Honors classes do I have to take?

There are no minimum course requirements to participate in the Honors Program. However, to graduate as an Honors Program Scholar, you must complete 18 hours of Honors courses, some of which must come from the Core Seminar.

What are Core Seminars, and are they required?

Core Seminars are seminars that combine two courses from different disciplines. For example, the Core Seminar Introduction to Global Studies/Ethics examines environmental ethics within the context of the history of humans’ impact on the environment. If you wish to graduate as an Honors Program Scholar, you’ll have to take a Core Seminar.

What if the credit I need is not available in an Honors course? 

You may sign up for the regular version of the course and work with the instructor to complete additional assignments, such as research projects or class presentations.

How can I find out more about the Honors program?

Simply contact us! We’d love to tell you more about how the Honors Program can enrich your learning experience at Oakton.

Student Profile

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Having triumphed in the face of adversity, Marie Fleurima paves a way toward a brighter future.



February 14
Last day to withdraw from 16-week courses and have course dropped from record*.

February 15
Presidents Day holiday, College closed.

February 16
Last day to change to audit for 16-week courses.

February 28
Incomplete (I) grades from fall 2015 semester for which faculty have not submitted final grades will become an "F" after this date.

March 11
Last day for filing Graduation Petitions.

March 14 -20
Spring Break

March 21
Classes resume after Spring Break.

March 23
Registration opens for summer 2016 semester.

March 27
Last day to withdraw with a "W" from 16-week courses; Students will receive a grade in all courses in which they are enrolled after March 29.

April 6
Registration opens for fall 2016 semester.

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