Math Competition at Oakton

Held once every fall and spring semesters, Oakton's Math Competition is the AMATYC Math Competition for Oakton students. This competition is a 20-question, 1-hour multiple-choice test that covers "precalculus" material, i.e., anything a student might take before calculus, not specifically over material in Oakton's precalculus course.

Old exams and answers are available at the AMATYC Math Competition website.

Math Competition at Oakton
Mon., Feb. 29 from 2:30p to 4:30pin Room 1604 & 1606 Des Plaines and Room P103 Skokie

Every Oakton student is welcome to participate. No registration necessary.

Students should bring a writing utensil, a photo ID, and a calculator.
(TI-92s and InspireCASes and other calculating devices with QWERTY keyboard are not allowed.)

At the end of the semester, Oakton holds a STEM Expert Forum at which to performers of the competition is awarded.

STEM Speaker Series and Math Competition Award Ceremony
Date: Tue., May 3, 2016
Time: 4pm
Room: 1625 Des Plaines

For more information about Oakton's Math Competition, contact Dorota Zak at dzak@oakton.edu.



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