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Oakton Scholarship Application

Fall 2013 - Spring 2014

Deadline for submission of scholarship application and official high school transcript (for high school students only) is March 31, 2013.  


* Last Name: Middle Initial:
* First Name:
* Birth Date:
/ / (For example, 3/10/1969)
Oakton Student ID Number:

* Address:
* City: * State: * Zip code:
* Home Phone:
E-mail Address:
* Application for (Check both if desired): Fall 2013 Spring 2014

Enrollment plans:
I am currently enrolled at Oakton Community College
I am NOT currently enrolled at Oakton Community College
I am currently a high school student

During the 2013-2014 school year, I plan to enroll in:
12 or more credit hours 9 to 11 credit hours 6 to 8 credit hours

Honors Program:
I am a current Honors student.
I am applying to the Honors program.

Citizenship Status:
U.S. Citizen
Permanent Resident (green card)
International student - F1 or other student visa (may only apply for Excellence Scholarship)

Area of study I will most likely pursue at Oakton Community College:

My career goal is:


You may select only four scholarships for which you match the criteria and wish to be considered:



Personal Statement To be completed by all scholarship applicants.
Prepare a typed statement that addresses each of these questions. Please be concise; your response to all questions is limited to one page. You do not have to answer the questions in the order listed; answer them in the order that will help the Scholarship Committee members better understand you and your strengths.

Type your statement on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to this form. Only typed responses will be considered by the Scholarship Committee.

  1. Why are you planning to attend Oakton? Include your educational goals/career interests/professional aspirations and your plans to meet these goals.
  2. Describe your financial situation and how this scholarship can help you achieve your educational goals. Explain why you need financial assistance, detailing any special financial circumstances facing your family.
  3. Describe your involvement in community or school clubs, groups, teams, work/employment, etc. Include what you have learned from these activities.
  4. List other information important for the Scholarship Committee to know about you that may set you apart from other applicants. Include special circumstances, academic and personal achievements, unusual learning experiences, unique talents, leadership experiences, or service commitments/missions.

Upload Your Essay:

Important: You only can upload your Essay in Word format or Text format .


I certify that the information provided in the application is accurate. I hereby give Oakton Community College permission to release information about my major, grade point average, enrollment status, and other scholarship eligibility criteria including my personal statement, if applicable, to those involved in the scholarship selection process and/or the donor.

I understand my personal statement, or a portion of the statement, may be used in Oakton promotional materials. Furthermore, I give Oakton Community College permission to use my biographical information, my personal statement, and/or photograph in promotional materials, media releases, and other College publications.

In addition, scholarship recipients may be asked to participate in other fundraising events at the college.

For information about establishing a scholarship,
please contact the Educational Foundation Office at 847) 635-2544, Room 1510,
Des Plaines campus or visit the Web site at .

Further information and Oakton scholarship application forms are available at the
Enrollment Center,
Des Plaines campus, Room 1250 , (847) 635-1708
Ray Hartstein Campus, Room 100 , (847) 635-1250.

E-mail the Enrollment Center at:

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