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Michael Underwood

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Genuine and supreme
Life hasn’t always been easy for Michael Underwood. But as a student ambassador at Oakton, he’s helping others avoid his mistakes.

In high school, I was always getting into trouble by making really bad decisions. When I was younger, I focused on money. You learn right away that money opens doors. It’s what you do for money that dictates where you’ll go. I quickly learned that if I wanted to be successful – and stay out of prison – I needed to avoid being part of a gang and stop getting myself into messes.

I took a chance and hit the jackpot by coming to Oakton in 2010. Faced with a new start, I decided it was best to take advantage of the opportunities that would help me better myself when they came around – something I didn’t do in high school and my younger days.

Believe it or not, I’m now a student ambassador! I represent Oakton at college fairs and help students make a smooth transition from high school to college. I consider myself a straight shooter and tell potential and incoming students that their success at Oakton is up to them and that it is vital to avoid negative distractions! Being a student ambassador is harder than I thought, but it’s a rewarding experience because I can share my experiences and help people avoid the mistakes that I made.

The pieces in my life are finally coming together. In high school, I didn’t’ have the right mentality. But now at Oakton, I feel like I am part of something that’s really positive.

Currently, I’m majoring in marketing. I want to run a successful entertainment company and help artists, musicians, and poets. I even have the name picked out: Genuine and Supreme.

Michael Underwood
Marketing Student


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