ESL: English as a Second Language - Summer

Learn more about the differences between the credit and noncredit ESL courses Oakton offers.

Continue to improve your English speaking, reading, and writing skills. Day and evening classes are available. Students are to register in person only on the date shown for each location. Call 847-635-1426 for more information.

Free ESL Classes

Evening Classes

Daytime Classes

Low-cost Tuition ESL Classes

Computer Lab for ESL, Literacy, and GED Students


Free ESL Classes*

About the ESL Program:

  • Designed for adults 16 years and older whose native language is not English
  • Teaches listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills;
  • Introduces students to American culture;
  • Offered free to students through Title II of the Workforce Investment Act as administered by the Illinois Community College Board.

*ESL classes are not intended for tourists, but for those who have come to the U.S. to live.

Au Pairs
Per ICCB (Illinois Community College Board) regulations, au pairs are required to take post-secondary classes and cannot enroll in Oakton’s free ESL classes. They may, however, enroll in the College’s low-cost tuition classes.

Course Information

  • Students may be admitted until registration cut-off date; if space is available
  • College-bound or advanced ESL students should call 847-635-1821 to see if they have sufficient English skills to take college classes.

Counseling and Registration

  • Students must bring identification and Social Security number, if available
  • Admission to free ESL classes is only available to students who register in person
  • Special registration dates are listed below.

Note: Tuition fees are subject to changes in State funding.

Oakton Community College is committed to equal access to educational opportunities for students with disabilities. To request disability accommodations, contact Teresa O’Sullivan at 847.635.1759.

*Free classes are funded by the Illinois Community College Board. In compliance with Section 511 of Public Law 101-166 (the Stevens Amendment), approximately 37 percent of the adult education program is federally funded.

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Evening Classes


Evanston Township High School
1600 Dodge Avenue, Evanston
Registration: Thursday, June 30, 6-9:15 pm
Ongoing Registration: July 5 and July 6, 6-9:15 pm
Class Meets: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6-9:15 pm
First Class: Tuesday, July 5, 6-9:15 pm

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Daytime Classes


Evanston Public Library (Main Branch)
1703 Orrington Avenue, Evanston
Registration: Tuesday, June 28, 9:30 am-12:30 pm
Ongoing Registration: Friday, July 1 and Wednesday, July 5, 9:30 am-12:30 pm
Class Meets: Tuesday and Friday, 9:30 am-12:30 pm
First Class: Friday, July 1, 9:30 am-12:30 pm

Oakton Community College, Skokie Campus
7701 North Lincoln Avenue, Skokie
Early summer: Only for students who were enrolled in spring
2016 classes
Registration: Monday, May 16, 9 am-12:30 pm
Ongoing Registration: May 17 and May 18, 9 am-12:30 pm
Class Meets: Monday-Thursday, 9 am-12:30 pm
First Class: Tuesday, May 17, 9 am-12:30 pm

Oakton Community College, Des Plaines Campus
1600 East Golf Road, Des Plaines
Early summer: Only for students who were enrolled in spring
2016 classes
Registration: Monday, May 16, 9 am-12:30 pm
Ongoing Registration: May 17 and May 18, 9 am-12:30 pm
Class Meets: Monday-Thursday, 9 am-12:30 pm
First Class: Tuesday, May 17, 9 am-12:30 pm

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Citizenship Education Classes

CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION                         No fee required
Instruction in U.S. history and government to prepare for the citizenship examination.
HIS A15-101, SKL, 9 Fri., 7/1, 6-8:45 pm


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Low-cost Tuition ESL Classes

General Description:
Classes focus on meeting special needs or developing a specific skill. They supplement the free ESL classes. Classes are designed for students who are at an intermediate or advanced level.

Tuition fees are subject to change. You may register by mail or in person. Please register before the first day of class. Unlike free ESL classes, tuition-charged classes close after the second class. For information, call 847-635-1426.

Processing Fee:
Registrants, including seniors, will be charged an $8 non-refundable processing fee at the time of each registration. However  , students who register online at Oakton's Web site will only be charged once per semester for an unlimited number of classes. Those registering in person, by mail, or fax, will be charged an $8 fee with each registration form.

Tuition fees are subject to changes in State funding.

CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH PRACTICE              Fee: $119 (10 sessions)
For intermediate ESL students. Improve listening and speaking skills
to function more effectively in business and social situations. Expand
your understanding of cultural differences.
COM A50-101, OC/SK, Tue., 6/21, 9-11:45 am CRN 50086
Registration: Tue., 6/14, 9-11:45 am
COM A50-102, OC/SK, Tue., 6/21, 6:45-9:30 pm CRN 50087
Registration: Tue., 6/14, 6:45-9:30 pm

For intermediate ESL students who have basic English literacy. Develop
skill in writing for information, making complaints, and requesting
refunds. Get help in understanding and answering business and
social letters.
COM A53-101, OC/SK, Wed., 6/22, 6:45-9:30 pm CRN 50088
Registration:Wed., 6/15, 6:45-9:30 pm
COM A53-102, OC/SK, Wed., 6/22, 9-11:45 am CRN 50089
Registration:Wed., 6/15, 9 am -11:45 am

INTENSIVE ESL                     Fee: Listed with section (below)
Classes meet three times each week and provide an opportunity for
students at a high intermediate level to develop extensive language
skills. Pre-registration and placement test are required. Call
847.635.1426 to schedule a test date.
COM A19-101, OC/SK, Tue./Wed./Thu., 6/7, 12:40-3:20 pm, $199
(18 sessions)
COM A19-102, OC/SK, Tue./Wed./Thu., 7/19, 12:40-3:20 pm, $149
(12 sessions)

INTENSIVE GRAMMAR REVIEW         Fee: $119 (10 sessions)
For intermediate speakers of ESL. Learn to speak and write better
by improving your knowledge of English grammar.
COM A70-101, OC/SK, Mon., 6/13, 6:45-9:30 pm CRN 50090

TOEFL PREP SEMINAR                        Fee: $149 (10 sessions)
Colleges and professional accrediting agencies require that non-native
speakers pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language
(TOEFL). Prepare for the TOEFL with timed practice on similar tests.
Become familiar with test formats and language problems encountered
by other non-native speakers.
COM A45-101, OC/SK, Thu, 6/9, 6:45-9:30 pm CRN 50093
COM A45-102, OC/SK, Mon., 6/13, 12:15-3:00 pm CRN 50094

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Computer Lab for ESL, Literacy, and GED Students

Open only to students enrolled in Oakton’s free ESL, Literacy, GED, and Bridges classes. Practice English or Math skills on the computer with the help of an instructor. Nine (9) seats available on a first come/first served basis.
Location: Oakton Community College, Room A210, Skokie
Days and Times: Mondays/Wednesdays, 9:30 am-12 pm and 6-9 pm
Availability Dates: July 6 to August 29, 2016

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