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SOAP SIMPLIFIED - A Guide for Oakton Students

What is "SOAP"?
SOAP stands for "Standards of Academic Progress." SOAP is Oakton Community College's academic policy which requires that students maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA). Failure to meet SOAP criteria can result in academic suspension or dismissal. SOAP criteria are applied to a student after he/she has attempted (not earned) 9 credit hours at Oakton College. When 9 credit hours have been attempted, students' records are automatically reviewed each semester to determine if satisfactory progress is being maintained.

What is satisfactory progress?campus sculpture
Maintaining a minimum 2.0 (GPA) each semester and cumulatively.

How is my GPA calculated?

  • Oakton calculates the GPA. using A, B, C, D, F and I (Incomplete) grades. F grades for courses numbered below 100 (i.e. 092, 097, 045) are not used in this computation of academic status.
  • The Indicators: N (No Show), V (Audit), Q (No grade submitted by instructor) and W (Withdrawal) will not be included in your GPA.
  • I (Incomplete) indicators are calculated as F's. A student.s GPA is automatically recalculated when the I indicator has been converted to a letter grade.
  • Grades from developmental courses are not included in the GPA calculation.

The following chart summarizes Oakton's progressive SOAP stages:

   Consecutive Semesters
Below 2.00 GPA

Your Student Status
Interventions and/or Restrictions
Academic Probation Students will be restricted in one or more of the following ways:
a) number of hours for which you can enroll,
b) courses for which you can enroll,
c) enroll only with the approval of appropriate college personnel,
d) required to take the English placement test.

Academic Suspension Students with two consecutive semesters below a 2.0 are suspended for the following term, (unless their cumulative GPA is 2.0 or better in which case they remain on probation). After completing the suspension period, students return to Oakton on Suspension Return status and must see a counselor prior to registration.

Academic Dismissal Students are dismissed for one calendar year. Re-admission is not automatic. Students may write a letter of petition for re-admission to the Vice President for Student Affairs who reviews the petition on a case by case basis. Students must submit their letter at least four weeks prior to the beginning of the semester to which they seek readmittance. If permission is granted, students return to Oakton on Dismissal Return status and must see an advisor or counselor prior to registration.
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