Picture of the office The Advising and Counseling Center at Oakton Community College. Text Links at the bottom of the page.
Academic Advising
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Picture of counselor Gregory Baldauf, Ph.D.
Professor, Student Development
(847) 635-1234
Room 1234 DP

Picture of counselor Paul Johnson, M.S.Ed. 
Associate Professor, Student Development
(847) 376-7088
Room 2731 DP

Picture of counselor Cheryl McKinley, Ph.D. 
Professor, Student Development
(847) 635-2651
Room 2711 DP

Picture of counselor Jan Thompson-Wilda, M.S.Ed. 
Associate Professor, Student Development
(847) 635-1477
Room B220 RHC
Picture of counselor John D'Anca, Ed.D, Psy.D. 
Professor, Student Developement
(847) 635-1966
Room 2112 DP
Picture of counselor Michelle James, Ph.D., ABPP 
Professor, Student Developement
(847) 635-1730
Room 2106 DP
Picture of counselor Michael Maloney, Ph.D. 
Professor, Student Development
(847) 635-1439
Room B224 RHC
Picture of counselor Cary Schawel, M.A.
Professor, Student Development
(847) 635-1988
Room 2520 DP
Picture of counselor Linda Zimmerman, M.A. 
Professor, Student Developement
(847) 635-1842
Room 2612 DP

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