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Internet Job Sites 

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These sites are BIG because either they have lots of job listings, are very popular, or are significant in some way. 

This site has all types of jobs located the United States. 4WORK averages around 2,900 job listings. You can search based on keywords, state, or company. They update the listings every 10 days. Nice feature: "Better than a Bookmark" that automatically matches you, the job seeker, with job listings. 

Brass Ring 
Funded by Kaplan, Inc. (a subsidiary of The Washington Post Company), Tribune Company, Central Newspapers, Inc., and Accel Partners. Provides resume posting and job listings for candidates and employers as well as email notification of both parties whenever a match occurs.

Career Builder
With over 300,000 job listings, this site includes well-known newspaper classifieds in partnership with the Tribune Company and Knight Ridder. Also available is an extensive Candidate Resource Center with everything from visa information to continuing education.

Career Magazine 
Averages 12,000 job listings; the emphasis is on technical and computer-related listings, but does include all types of jobs in the U.S., with some international postings. Careermagazine is updated daily and you can search by location, skills description, and job title. 

Now Hiring 
Averages 2,200 job listings of all types of jobs, including technical, nontechnical, full- and part-time (temporary and permanent) in the United States. Job listings are updated daily. You can search by occupation, industry, location, benefits, and keywords for qualifications. You must register in order to search the job listings. Nice feature: SmartMatch is an interactive technology that automatically notifies you of job openings that match your credentials. 

The Chronicle of Higher Education Career Network 
Chronicle of Higher Education. This site lists academic jobs (both faculty and nonfaculty) located in the U.S. and abroad. You can search by category, and subsets within categories, keywords, and region. They update the listings weekly. 

Contract Employment Weekly
This site specializes in listings for contract employees, usually short term. If you have never worked on contract before, you should read the file on contract work. Most jobs are engineering or information systems. The majority of jobs are listed by consulting, temporary or recruiting firms.

Employment Guide 
Averages 30,000 job listings in all fields and experience levels, with a concentration in computer-related positions in the United States; with some listings in Canada, Europe, and Japan. Search for jobs by industry, keyword, region and distance from your home. 

Fed World 
Averages 1,500 job listings in the U.S. and some U.S. territories. Job listings are updated daily, except Sunday and Monday. You can search by keywords, state, and series number (government assigned job codes). Many federal agencies post openings on their own Web site instead of FedWorld. You can use FedWorld to link to other federal agencies.

Job Web 
Averages 3,100 job listings in all fields and experience levels in the U.S., with some international listings. You can only do a keyword search. The listings are updated daily. This site is maintained by the nonprofit group, The National Association of Colleges and Employers. In order to find career links, you must go to the Site Dierectory. This site also has job search advice and will list jobs by major.

Provides job listings in all types of jobs, including technical, financial, creative, health care, and more, in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia. The listings are updated daily. You can search by region, discipline, or company; or keyword, including skills, job titles, or requirements. The Monster Board is one of the best and most comprehensive job hunting resources on the Web. 

True Careers 
This site averages around 8,000 computer, consulting, finance, health care, marketing, public relations, sales, and (noncomputer) technical jobs located in the U.S.; with scattered listings for Canada and Europe. You can search by job category and state, or do a keyword search by job description, job title, or company name. It is updated daily. 

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