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America's Job Bank offers two critical components of assistance in your search:

America's Job Bank is the largest and most frequently visited job bank in cyberspace. Thousands of job seekers each day view hundreds of thousands of job vacancies. All different types of jobs, from sales clerks to high-tech information technology positions, are listed by major corporations and small businesses nationwide. New jobs are added each day, so you should keep checking for new listings of interest to you. You just sign onto America's Job Bank, click on Job Seeker, choose one of the options under "Search for Jobs," and search away!

America's Talent Bank is the place where people needing a first job, a new job or a different job can market themselves by creating a quality resume and then posting it electronically. Employers regularly search this database to find suitable candidates for their job openings in a wide variety of occupations, including accounting, engineering, welding and information technology. So one resume posted on the Talent Bank can quickly be seen by thousands of employers! If you want to make your resume available to all these employers: sign onto the America's Job Bank; click on Job Seeker; choose "New Users Register Here" under the "Create Resume" option; choose your home state; and provide all the requested information. You are now free to create and enter your resume.

America's Career InfoNet is the site to use before making important career decisions. Visit this site to find out more about the job market both nationally and in your State. Through Career InfoNet you'll learn about employment trends, what occupations are growing, what occupations are shrinking, how much different jobs pay, and what kind of training you will need to qualify for jobs of interest to you. If you're thinking about moving to a different location, you can get a flavor of the new area.

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