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Why does the web site exist? How does the site meet the goals or benefit of the organization or person?


How is the site organized? How easy is it to get at the information you want?

A web site should be user-friendly (this is computer-talk meaning the jobs are easy for the average browser to access.)

A user-friendly site will be easy to navigate within. Unfortunately, there are a lot of sites that are difficult to navigate. You can be in a bad site for a long time and not get anywhere. In a good site, if the document is long there will be links provided to move through the document. If it has multiple pages, it will provide links to return to the home page.

It helps if there are more than one way of accessing the jobs in your field of interest. The best sites allow you to retrieve the job listings in three ways: by selecting a job category (for example, accounting); by selecting one or more states in which you want to focus your hunt; and by typing in one or more keywords of your choice (health care pharmacist, for instance).

If you are at a recommended job bank and coming up with few hits, you might want to try all three methods of accessing the jobs and see what gives you the most hits.

The best sites have fairly refined categories. For example, "Professional" would not be as helpful a category as "Psychologist" or "Lawyer" would be.

The good sites provide a few tips as to use of punctuation and use of words, like "and" and "or", etc. Following these tips could mean achieving more hits (computer talk, meaning more jobs meeting your specifications are brought up from the job bank).

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