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Many job sites offer more than job listings. Does the site offer job search advise or other resources?

Consider whether this person/organization/company/institution would be an authoritative source for this kind of information.

For job listing sites that include "advise" on career planning, job search, resume writing, etc., who is the author? Is the author the original creator of the information? Does he/she list credentials, years of experience, position they hold, or education? Is this person qualified to write on the given topic? Send an e-mail message to the author and ask about his/her experience, education, background, etc.

Is the purpose of the information to inform or explain, or are they trying to persuade you into doing something that would benefit the web site (pay to include your resume on their database?? DON'T! Many of the best Internet job sites are free. Scams are not uncommon).

Has the resource been rated or given any awards; if so, what criteria were used?

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