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Preparing your résumé for the Internet is not difficult. Most word processors and résumé-writing programs will let you save a file to plain text, also called ASCII or DOS text. To save your résumé in ASCII text, you will first type your résumé into your word processing program using a monospaced font like Courier. ASCII text is always monospaced, so it is not a good idea to use proportionally spaced fonts like Arial or Helvetica. If you use a proportionally spaced font, the proportions will change when you convert the file to monospaced ASCII--destroying any brilliant centering, spacing, or tabs that you might have added to improve the appearance of your résumé. Remember too that you can't use any special formatting feature (like bold, italics, underlining, etc.)--other than tabs and spacing.

When you are finished, save the file in ASCII by opening the File menu in your word processing program. Choose the Save As option, and then name your file. When you choose the Save As option, you should be able to choose from a variety of formats. If your word processing program is Microsoft Word, you will choose Text Only. In WordPerfect, you will choose DOS text, which is ASCII. When you save your résumé in ASCII text, make sure to re-open the file to verify that it looks good. This sounds harder than it is, trust me.

Save copies on your hard drive and on a diskette. Keep that résumé ready to edit, print, or e-mail on demand.

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