Assistitve Technology F.A.Q.’s

About Assistive Technology (AT):

A.T. includes any product, device or equipment used to maintain, increase, or improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities.

  • The ADRC staff provides appropriate technology to students who have difficulties with their reading or writing skills, hearing, sight or concentration.
  • We have several computers with a variety of specialized software and hardware.

Who has access to Oakton’s services?

Though primarily intended for students with disabilities, all students have access to A.T. resources.

Where do I find these services at Oakton?

Resources are available throughout the semester in the Learning Centers at both campuses: Des Plaines (Room 2400) & Skokie (Room A135).

When can I receive services?

These resources are available throughout the semester in the Learning Center.  Interested students must first speak with an ADRC staff member who will determine the appropriate services to provide.

Can students borrow equipment to use outside the college?

The ADRC has a loan program that will allow students to use certain equipment off campus.  Students also can request assistive technology in their classrooms or other campus areas where they study.

Where can I learn more about Oakton’s A.T. services?

The ADRC holds workshops throughout the semester to inform students about the resources the office provides.  These workshops acquaint students with the technologies and services available through the ADRC.  Students also can schedule one-on-one appointments with the Assistive Technology Specialist, Laura Pristera, at 847.635.2656.