Commitment to a Green College

Oakton's 2008-2012 Strategic Plan, Change Matters, includes “Green College” as a core objective. Within the Facilities Master Plan, this objective is reflected in a commitment to sustainability throughout the grounds and buildings so that they model environmental responsibility and serve as an educational resource for students and the community. As funds allow, the Facilities Master Plan will incorporate:

  • Permeable/reflective pavement
  • Bioswales
  • Reflective or vegetative roofs
  • Building envelope improvements
  • LEED buildings
  • Day lighting and daylight harvesting
  • Low/zero voc products: paint, carpets, etc.
  • Water efficiency
  • Xeriscaping
  • Rain water harvesting
  • On-site composting

Flooding and Stormwater Matters

Because it is adjacent to the Des Plaines River, the Des Plaines campus experiences periodic flooding of roads, parking lots, athletic fields, and wooded areas. In fact, these areas were designed to flood.  The building itself is above the 100-year flood plain level and has never flooded. 

Oakton is mindful of flood and stormwater matters and worked with regulatory agencies to ensure appropriate stormwater management measures were incorporated into the Facilities Master Plan. The plan includes a minor elevation change at the peninsula for compensatory storage.  Additionally, storm detention is incorporated into the design of the Science and Health Careers Building: the main/first floor is on columns (or pilotis) with a majority of the building above the ground.  Use of a cistern or green roof is also being considered to retain stormwater and release it to Oakton's retention pond at a controlled rate.

image of flood plain