Joianne Smith*

Robyn Bailey
Director of Operations and Administration

Karl Brooks*
Vice President for Student Affairs

Michele Brown
Director of Student Recruitment and Outreach

Michael Carr
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs

Edwin Chandrasekar*
Vice President for Administrative Affairs

Sebastian Contreras, Jr.
Dean of Student Success

Leana Cuellar
Director of Student Learning and Engagement

Maya Evans*
Executive Director of Research and Planning

Colette Hands*
Associate Vice President of Continuing Education, Training and Workforce Development

Ruben Howard
Director of Continuing Education and Workforce Development

Jacob Jeremiah
Assistant Dean of Library

Mark Kiel
Director of Counseling

Linda A. Korbel
Dean, Liberal Arts

Renee Kozimor
Director of Software and User Services

Ileo Lott*
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Bonnie Lucas*
Vice President for Technology and Data Analytics

Roxann Marshburn
Director of Grants and Alternative Funding

Mum Martens*
Chief Human Resources Officer

Bruce Oates
Director of Athletics and Registrar Services

Paul Palian
Director of College Relations

Juletta Patrick
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Access, Equity and Diversity

Nancy Prendergast
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs

Doreen L. Schwartz
Director of Business Services

Robert Sompolski
Dean, Mathematics, Engineering, and Computer Science

John Wade
Director of Systems and Network Services

Cheryl Warmann
Director of Enrollment Services

Nicholas Weiss
Interim Chief of Police and Emergency Management

Ruth Williams
Dean, Natural Science and Health Careers

Wright 'Andy' Williams

Bradley P. Wooten
Dean, Business and Career Technologies
Dean of the Skokie Campus


*President’s Council member