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Test Preparation & Placement Test Workshops - Spring

Which Term? When registering online, you need to know which term your class is in. Here is how to tell: Fall classes have a -0 in the course code (e.g., ART C79-04). Summer classes have a -3 in the course code (e.g., ART C79-31). In addition, Fall CRN numbers begin with 6, (e.g., CRN 62081). Summer CRN numbers begin with 5 (e.g., CRN 50543). Please do not put two terms on the same registration form! e.g: Summer and Fall.



Test Preparation

Placement Test Workshop


Test Preparation


GMAT PREPARATION               Fee: $114
(ONLINE)             In-district seniors: $75
Applying to graduate business and management schools usually means taking the GMAT. Taking this course will provide you with test-taking techniques and methods for improving your score and saving time on all GMAT question types. Recommended, but not required: The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 11th Edition, or The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review and The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review. “On June 5, 2012, the GMAT® exam introduced Integrated Reasoning, a new section designed to measure a student’s ability to evaluate information presented in multiple formats from multiple sources - skills that you need to succeed in our data-rich world. The GMAT course content has been updated to incorporate these changes.”
GMT P01-300, 1/16-3/8      CRN 40572
GMT P01-301, 2/20-4/12    CRN 40573
GMT P01-302, 3/20-5/10    CRN 40574
GMT P01-303, 4/17-6/7      CRN 40575
(ONLINE)                   In-district seniors: $75
Discover powerful strategies for success in the verbal and analytical sections of the GRE. We will discuss how to do your best on reading comprehension, analogies, sentence completions, antonyms, and logical and analytical reasoning questions. We will cover time saving techniques for both the paper based and computer administrations of the test. Requirements: Practicing to take the GRE General Test, 10th Edition.
GRE P01-300, 1/16-3/8      CRN 40576
GRE P01-301, 2/20-4/12    CRN 40577
GRE P01-302, 3/20-5/10    CRN 40578
GRE P01-303, 4/17-6/7      CRN 40579
GRE PREPARATION – PART II          Fee: $114
(ONLINE)                         In-district seniors: $75
Learn a variety of useful techniques for tackling the math section of the GRE. This second course in a two-course series features a math review and techniques for tackling the quantitative comparison, discrete quantitative, and data interpretation questions that make up the math section of the GRE. We will also cover time-saving techniques. Requirements: Practicing to Take the GRE General Test, 10th Edition.
GRE P02-300, 1/16-3/8      CRN 40580
GRE P02-301, 2/20-4/12    CRN 40581
GRE P02-302, 3/20-5/10    CRN 40582
GRE P02-303, 4/17-6/7      CRN 40583

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Placement Test Workshops


Placement Test Workshops
As part of the Learning Center, Oakton’s Testing Center administers placement tests for the NLN Pre-Admission Test. This is a requirement for Oakton’s Associate Degree Nursing Program.

The National League of Nursing Pre-Admission Test required for ranking for admission to Oakton’s Associate Degree Nursing Program is administered during the time specified for this course. Registration and course fees are not refundable if test is not taken on the date students register for this test. Students are not eligible to retake the NLN Pre-Admission Test for six months after the last NLN Pre-Admission Exam. Test results will only be sent to Oakton’s ADN program. Seating is limited to those enrolled in this course. Doors will open 30 minutes before testing begins. Students must register one week before test date. For more information, call the Testing Center at 847.635.1939.
TES T02-01, OC/DP, 1 Sat., 1/5, 9 am - 12 pm -   CRN 40069
TES T02-02, OC/DP, 1 Thu, 2/7, 5 - 8 pm  -  CRN 40070
TES T02-03, OC/SK, 1 Sat., 2/16, 9 am - 12 pm -  CRN 40071


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