Bar Revue 2016

On Saturday, January 30, the Educational Foundation hosted the Chicago Bar Association’s 92nd Annual Bar Show – A Christmas Quarrel: A Tale of Two Parties. More than 200 Oakton alumni, employees, and community members came together at the Performing Arts Center on the Des Plaines campus for a night of singing, dancing, and hilarity. The Foundation expresses its sincere thanks to our community who helped raise approximately $12,000 for student scholarships.


Jerry Angst and Julie Kimbell



Lee Myers-Hickey, Jim Hickey, Sye Aylin, and Floyd Aylin



Educational Foundation Director Barbara Groshon and Executive Director of Development Mary Knight



Corinne Lane, Barry Goldberg, and performer Fred Lane



Karen Wickman, performer Stan Slovin, Educational Foundation Director Dan Luber, Murray Sprung, and Arla Sprung



Carol Miller and performer Georgette Greenlee