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Ask the Advisor


Dear Advisor:

I received an athletic scholarship to a great school. The problem is that they don't have my major. While I plan to attend Oakton while waiting to enter the professional arena in my sport, I was wondering if it matters that my transfer school does not have my major?


Dear Student:

Congratulations on receiving a scholarship! That's excellent news and will certainly help defray the costs of your education.  But wait, did you say that this school doesn’t offer your major? Maybe it’s time to do some thinking. While the advising team doesn’t want to discourage you from fulfilling your goals, we do want you to think realistically about your future. Becoming a professional athlete certainly would offer a lot of perks, but professional sports is a very competitive field and it’s important to have a solid back-up plan. 

There are a couple of options. If you’re committed to attending the school that gave you the scholarship, consider changing your major (and your back-up career plan) to something else that interests you – something the school does offer. If your chosen major is in something that has really caught your eye, you may have to take a pass on the scholarship and find another school. One thing is certain: attending a school simply because it is being paid for and not getting the degree you want is the equivalent of throwing your education away.

Did you know that Advising and Counseling Services offers e-mail advising? This service is designed to respond to general questions (Where can I find a listing of classes that fulfill the IAI General Education Curriculum? How many social and behavioral sciences are needed for a degree?) and not to provide case-specific information (What is my English and math placement? What classes do I personally need to finish my degree?) 

Due to Federal Laws and our desire to maintain our students’ information in a secure and confidential manner, students are discouraged from including any personal information in their email question, specifically social security numbers or student identification number (B number). To find out more, visit our e-mail advising page.



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