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Ask the Advisor


Dear Advisor:

I didn't have to take EGL 101 at my other college, so I took EGL 102 there. Now I'm coming to Oakton for my associate of arts degree, but I’m told that I need to enroll in EGL 101 and EGL 102. Can I just test out of the 101 here? Obviously, as I passed EGL 102, I already know everything I would learn in EGL 101.


Dear Student:

To earn an A.A. from Oakton, both EGL 101 and 102 are required. Though some schools offer students an opportunity to bypass EGL 101 and place directly into the second semester of English (EGL 102), Oakton does not. Skipping EGL 101 is not only detrimental to your general education, it would also leave you with too few credits to earn your degree.

However, there is an exception to the rule: if you have taken the AP English Language and Composition exam and passed it with the requisite score — and earned at least six credits at Oakton, you may petition for AP credit for EGL 101. Otherwise, you must complete EGL 101.


Did you know that Advising and Counseling Services offers e-mail advising? This service is designed to respond to general questions (Where can I find a listing of classes that fulfill the IAI General Education Curriculum? How many social and behavioral sciences are needed for a degree?) and not to provide case-specific information (What is my English and math placement? What classes do I personally need to finish my degree?) 

Due to Federal Laws and our desire to maintain our students’ information in a secure and confidential manner, students are discouraged from including any personal information in their email question, specifically social security numbers or student identification number (B number). To find out more, visit our e-mail advising page.



Fall registration.

June 27
Last day for filing Graduation Petitions.

June 27
Last day to withdraw with a "W" (no withdrawals after mid-term) Students will receive a grade in all courses in which they are enrolled after June 27.

July 4
Independence Day holiday. College closed.

July 18
Incomplete (I) grades from spring 2013 semester for which required work was not submitted will become an "F" after this date. .

July 25
Classes end.

July 29
Grades due.

July 29
Late interim classes begin.

August 16
Late interim classes end.

August 19
Late interim grades due.

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