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Five in Five

Paul Sanburg

Paul Sanburg has been an advisor and member of the Oakton community for 10 years.  He holds a B.A. in business administration (marketing concentration and speech communication) from Augustana College and an M.S. in education from Western Illinois University.  Take a few minutes to learn more about Paul.

  1. What is most rewarding about your job?
    The opportunity to meet and develop relationships with people from diverse backgrounds and with many unique experiences. My advisor and student relationships grow over time and it is beautiful and fulfilling to encourage, observe, and, support students’ academic successes and personal growth. I appreciate and enjoy it when students return to share their successes, challenges, ask questions, and seek guidance as they develop their academic plans and goals.

  2. What do you wish students would do to get the most out of their appointments?
    Students need to be sincere, genuine, and honest with themselves and with me about their personal and academic challenges, skills, abilities, and interests. Advising appointments with students who have some awareness and knowledge about the courses, academic degrees, and certificates Oakton offers can be very enriching and allow for fulfilling discussions of students’ academic plans and success.

  3. What advice would you give students regarding the college experience?
    College provides many life lessons and each student must define what success means to him/her. Learning how to develop and polish skills and tasks such as interpersonal communication, time management, reading, writing, test preparation and taking, and managing personal health are as important in college as they are in our daily lives. Throughout their college experience, students need to identify their challenges, strengths, skills, interests, and abilities and use the most appropriate resources and support to help them achieve their successes.

  4. What would you do or be in your next life?
    Hmmm!? Wonder if “next life” means second career, retirement, or reincarnation? After I completed my bachelor’s degree and before I started my master’s degree in counselor education, I seriously considered pursuing a master of divinity degree. I remain passionate about my desire to serve others and grow in my faith. Thus, I would continue to seek opportunities through various NGOs (non-governmental organizations) both in the United States and abroad to serve and help others meet their basic needs and find fulfillment in daily lives. Additionally, I would travel to different regions, cities, destinations, and villages of the world.

  5. What is the most unique thing a student has asked or said to you?
    A few students have told me I look like Michael Keaton.



Fall registration.

June 27
Last day for filing Graduation Petitions.

June 27
Last day to withdraw with a "W" (no withdrawals after mid-term) Students will receive a grade in all courses in which they are enrolled after June 27.

July 4
Independence Day holiday. College closed.

July 18
Incomplete (I) grades from spring 2013 semester for which required work was not submitted will become an "F" after this date. .

July 25
Classes end.

July 29
Grades due.

July 29
Late interim classes begin.

August 16
Late interim classes end.

August 19
Late interim grades due.

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