Facilities Master Plan Development

The Facilities Master Plan, which grew out of Change Matters, Oakton’s 2008-2012 Strategic Plan, guides the College in replacing aging facilities and improving the campuses to reflect current trends in higher education.

During 2010 and 2011, a Facilities Master Plan Steering Committee developed the plan in several phases. Key tasks included:

  • Analyzing the College's current use of classroom, laboratory, and office space and developing a proposal to increase the efficient use of those resources
  • Evaluating structured learning spaces and the developing new design guidelines to enhance and improve teaching, learning, and sustainability in these spaces
  • Defining how to improve student gathering spaces, creating a single environment in which technology, learning, relaxation, and recreation would improve campus student life
  • Assessing and making recommendations concerning parking lots, roadways, sidewalks, and exterior lighting
  • Assessing and making recommendations concerning athletic fields, the Fitness Center, the gymnasium, and locker rooms
  • Assessing and making recommendations with regard to creating 21st-century science labs
  • Assessing how to create a strong, welcoming first impression on people entering the campus
  • Making recommendations for locating and designing the Des Plaines campus Enrollment Center
  • Reviewing and making recommendations with respect to building envelope conditions and energy conservation measures.