Steering Committee

Established in February 2010, the Facilities Master Plan Steering Committee included College administrators, faculty, staff, and students, along with members of the Oakton community. Throughout the planning process, the Committee:

  • Provided input
  • Communicated to peers about the progress and topics of the Master Plan
  • Encouraged discussion about Master Plan issues
  • Recommended direction with respect to process, concepts, surveys, and interviews
  • Provided feedback.

Steering Committee members:


Robyn Bailey, Director of Community and Adult Education

Ann Marie Barry, Director of Student Life

Carl Costanza, Vice President for Business and Finance

Nancy Prendergast, Acting Dean of Science and Health Careers

Robert Sompolski, Dean of Mathematics and Technologies

Leah Swanquist, Director of Facilities

John Wade, Director of Systems and Network Services


Michael Carr, Professor of Biology

Joo Lee, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Humanities

Bev Stanis, Adjunct, Social Sciences and Business

Beth Turk, Adjunct, Languages, Humanities, and the Arts


Dan Dominiak, Public Safety Officer

Patty Lucas, Manager of Voice Network and Telecommunications

Paul Sanburg, Advisor, Advising and Counseling


Charmaine Adlam

Georgiy Gorelik

Adrian Pisarenko

Neha Shafizadah


Joan DiLeonardi, Oakton Board of Trustees

Michael Lundeen, Legat Architects

Barbara Ryan, Executive Director, Des Plaines Chamber of Commerce

Howard S. Singer, President, Oakton Educational Foundation

Ann Tennes, Oakton Board of Trustees


Trudy Bers, Executive Director of Institutional Research, Curriculum, and Planning

Carlee Drummer, Executive Director of College Advancement

Thomas Hamel, Vice President for Academic Affairs

Gregory James, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs / Office of Access, Equity, and Diversity

Margaret Lee, President, Oakton Community College

Bonnie Lucas, Vice President for Information Technology

Arnie Oudenhoven, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources

Barbara Rizzo, Vice President for Continuing Education, Training, and Workforce Development

Joianne Smith, Vice President for Student Affairs