Early Childhood Center

Learning. Sharing. Exploring. Making Friends.

Looking for high-quality care in an enriching environment for your preschool child? Consider Oakton’s Early Childhood Center!

Licensed by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), our Center is open to all children and their families. Our experienced, degreed teachers provide high-quality care and education for children ages 3-5 years. They work in close partnership with families and supervise student teachers in the ECE academic program as well.

We Believe in the Power of Play.

We believe that play is the medium through which learning occurs. It’s how children gain knowledge, develop creativity, build self-esteem, and form meaningful relationships.

Quality Care and Education

Our Curriculum
  • seeks to enrich the growth of each child with activities that range from math and science to music and art.
  • stresses active listening by teachers as children question concepts and strive to master ideas and information.
  • provides you with key information about your child’s development and progress.
Our Center

The Early Childhood Center features bright, spacious, well-designed classrooms and outdoor space–and have access to all of the resources the College and the community have to offer.

Working in Partnership with Families

Family involvement is at the core of our programs. We work in partnership with you to provide the most beneficial and individualized experience for your child.  We encourage your input, ask for your suggestions, and engage in problem-solving together. Family members are always welcome in our classes.

Options Include

The Hawks Classroom

Monday through Friday*, 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. 

  • Two, three, or five days per week during the fall and spring semesters
  • Two or four days per week option during the summer
The Owls Classroom

Monday through Friday*, 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. during the fall and spring semesters

  • Half-day program during the summer 9 a.m. - noon (with the option of two or four days per week)

We are located at 7701 North Lincoln Ave., Skokie.

For more information or to schedule a tour, please contact Monique Hudson, site coordinator, at 847.635.1441 or mhudson@oakton.edu.

*Oakton is closed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the summer.

School Closings

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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are non-refundable. Fees are discounted for Oakton students and employees. The fees listed below show the discounted rates.

For information on past-due tuition and late pick-up fees, refer to the Family Handbook. 

Tuition and fees are non-refundable. Tuition is discounted 10% for siblings, as well as Oakton students and employees.

The Hawk Classroom

For information on past-due tuition and late pick-up fees, refer to the Family Handbook. 

  • 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.
  • 2-day rate: $135 per week
  • 3-day rate: $200 per week
  • 4-day rate: $230 per week
  • 5-day rate: $275 per week 
The Owl Classroom
  • 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.
  • 5-day rate: $200 per week
  • Half-day Summer Only
  • 9 a.m. - noon
  • 4 days (Monday. - Thursday.) $1,095 for 11 weeks
  • 2 days per week for 11 weeks $605

Registration Fees
  • Community - $175
  • Employees - $150
  • Oakton Students - $125
  • DHS - $125
Annual Re-Registration Fees
  • Community - $50
  • Employees - $25
  • Oakton Students - $25
  • DHS - $10
Materials Fees - (Community, Staff, Faculty, DHS)
  • January to May - $75
  • May to August - $75
  • August to May - $125

SGA Financial Assistance Scholarship

The Student Government Association (SGA) provides child care scholarships to Oakton students enrolled in the Early Childhood Demonstration Center.

For more information, contact Monique Hudson, site coordinator, at 847. 635.1441 or mhudson@oakton.edu.

Action for Children

The Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) helps parents that are in school or working pay for child care. 

Forms and Documents

Information on making Online Tuition, Check, and Cash Payments. (PDF) (344 KB)

Tuition Payment Information

Enrollment Information for the Hawk and Owl Classroom. (PDF) (89 KB)


The Early Childhood Education Center’s guidance and discipline policy (PDF) (33 KB) is based on the belief that young children must experience trust and respect in order to build essential lifelong social and emotional skills.

Guidance and Discipline Policy