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Registration Dates

  • Fall 2024 registration opens April 4, 2024 and the semester begins August 19, 2024.

Priority and Late Registration Processes

Priority registration allows select groups of students to register for classes for the upcoming semester one to three days before registration is opened to all students. There is no additional fee for priority registration. Priority registration is intended to help students who are closer to completing a program of study secure required courses to graduate.

Students who are eligible for priority registration will receive an email reminder of their priority registration date. You may register on your priority registration date beginning at 8:30 a.m. or any time after that date, like usual in myOakton.

Generally, students who are in good academic standing and meet the following criteria:

Students who have earned 36 or more Oakton credit hours; or students who indicated veteran on their application for admission 3 days before open registration
Students who have earned 18-35 Oakton credit hours  2 days before open registration
Students who have earned 1-17 Oakton credits  1 day before open registration

Oakton students may register for courses up until 11:59 p.m. on the first day of the scheduled class meeting as long as there are open seats available and all course prerequisites and requirements have been satisfied.

Once the course has started, online registration is restricted. Registration must be done manually by the Enrollment Center and requires a late registration override from the instructor. The steps for the late registration process are as follows:

  1. Students must contact the course instructor to request registration past the start date. This decision is entirely at the instructor’s discretion.
  2. If the instructor allows the student to join the course late, they will provide an electronic Late Registration Override on the student’s account (the division office may be contacted for assistance with this step). If the instructor does not allow the student to register late, the student is encouraged to find another class section or register for a future semester.
  3. Once the late registration override is in the system, the student will receive an automatic email with instructions on how to complete registration via an Enrollment Services staff member. Important note: The student MUST respond to this email with the requested information within seven days or the permit becomes invalid.

Disclaimers: All of these steps must be completed in order for the Enrollment Services staff to complete registration. The Enrollment Center is not able to add students to classes without the late registration override. Students who register past the course start date must abide by all deadlines for the registered course, including refund deadlines. Late registration overrides are only valid for up to seven days from the date of entry.

For more information about this process, please contact the Enrollment Services team via email at or via phone at 847.635.1700.

Other Helpful Information

Math and English Placement

All degree-seeking students and students interested in enrolling in English or math classes must complete a reading, writing, and math placement. Visit the New Student Resources page for information on meeting Oakton's placement requirements with SAT/ACT scores, High School GPA, prior college credit or on-campus placement testing.

If you are a new student with questions about placement, contact the Office at Admission at 847.635.1700 or

Modes of Instruction

Oakton offers four different types of instruction. When you register for your courses in myOakton, you will see an instruction type below the title of the course.

Learn more about each mode of instruction and helpful tips.