Plan Highlights

The updated master plan builds upon the $68.5 million five-year Facilities Master Plan adopted in December 2010 and will include the following projects:

Entrance Signage
The current monument signs at the Des Plaines campus will be demolished and rebuilt to provide clear identification at the entrances to the campus. The signs will reinforce the identity of Oakton Community College.  Design is intended for completion in the first quarter of 2017, with construction scheduled for summer, 2017.  View the Monument Signage presentation (pdf) to the Board of Trustees, January 2017.

West End Remodeling
The west end of campus was largely vacated with the completion of the Lee Health and Science center. The West End Remodeling includes the renovation of this space to include instructional spaces, administrative offices, Counseling and the Health Center.  A new elevator will also be added to ensure safe access to all floors of the west end.  Construction may be implemented in one or two phases, expected to begin the third quarter of 2017.

Student Street Renovation
Student Street connects the enrollment center to the student center and cafeteria and through the west end, creating a continuous path through the campus. The street has not been updated since the campus opened in 1978. The project allows for new flooring, lighting, fixtures and furniture. This project is expected to be completed in phases beginning May, 2017. View the concept designs in the Student Street presentation (PDF) to the Board of Trustees, January 2017.

Site Restoration and Improvements
Oakton has beautiful grounds at both the Des Plaines and Skokie campuses. The master plan update will address enhancements to the sites by identifying landscapes zones and recommending infrastructure updates.  Natural areas will be restored with native, non-invasive species to enhance the aesthetics and maintain a healthy environment.