Grant Strategy and Development

The Office of Grants and Alternative Funding specializes in finding public and private sources of financing that will help bring innovative projects and proven programs to the College.

If you have an idea that may need external funding or become aware of a grant that you think meets a need at Oakton, let us know.

Stop by Room 2501 (in the Office of Academic Affairs) or call 847.376.7090. We are eager to help.

Developing a successful grant project requires not only a good idea but the know-how to put the idea into a succinct yet detailed proposal that meets the funder's requirements and stands out from the hundreds of requests for funding each granting agency receives.

Oakton's Office of Grant Strategy and Development wants you to succeed and will help you turn your idea into a competitive proposal. After talking with you about your concept and obtaining the necessary preliminary approvals, the GAF staff will help pull together a grants team whose members will lend their expertise to determine budgets, technology and staffing needs, evaluation and data requirements, and other components of a successful grant proposal.

The grants team will also help keep the proposal development on task to ensure that all facets of the proposal are completed on time.


Grant Preparation Services
  • Facilitate planning sessions.
  • Obtain preliminary approvals.
  • Develop projects.
  • Write institutional proposals.
  • Edit department proposals.
  • Coordinate efforts with Oakton Educational Foundation.
  • Create project budgets.
  • Compile supporting data.
  • Complete internal sign-off.
  • Submit proposals.
Post-award Assistance
  • Develop and review contracts.
  • Manage contract approval.
  • Communicate with program officers.
  • Coordinate site visits.
  • Set up budget accounts.
  • Interpret contract regulations.
  • Troubleshoot projects.
  • Process budget revisions.
  • Edit required reports.
  • Liaise with the business office.

Al Grippe
Director of Grant Strategy and Development

Jennifer Jennings
Grants Coordinator

Brenda Manfredini
Administrative Assistant