Part-Time Faculty Benefits

Retirement: Part-time faculty are required by state law to join the State Universities Retirement System (SURS). Employees contribute eight percent of gross pay to SURS. Part-time faculty vest their retirement account after five years’ credited service. In the event of separation from employment before vesting, the employee contributions may be withdrawn.

Tuition Waiver: An adjunct faculty member teaching 6 LHEs during the fall or spring semester may have tuition waived for up to four Oakton credit courses in that semester for themselves, children, domestic partner, and spouse by marriage or civil union living in the same household.  An adjunct faculty member teaching 3 LHEs during the summer semester may have tuition waived for up to two Oakton credit courses.  In addition, up to $125 in fees per academic year will be waived.

Deferred Compensation Plans: The College offers 403(b) and 457 tax-deferred annuity plans.

Four-Day Summer Work Week: The College adopts a four-day summer work week beginning with the Friday following Memorial Day and continuing until the Friday of the week preceding the beginning of the academic year.

Early Childhood Centers:  Discounted rate for employees.  Click here to find out more about tuition rates.